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Friday, August 3, 2012

1 Year Homeiversary

Can you believe this time last year I was getting ready to bring the twins home from the hospital? After 54 long long days of traveling to Johnstown every day and going to sleep without my babies, I finally got to bring them home and luckily, they've been home for good ever since! :)

It's hard to believe they used to be so tiny! Now they're so long they've outgrown those car seats all together and have been in their "big kid" car seats for awhile now.

They can stop growing up makes me sad reminiscing!

We went to Santa Monica a few weeks ago when my brother was visiting and they loved love loved riding the merry-go-round :)

Amelia actually would push me away so she could ride herself.

It's crazy how much they've changed in a year. I don't even want to think about how big they'll be next year! But I'm so glad they've been home with us for a whole year. It's been so much fun :)

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