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Saturday, August 25, 2012

14 Months!

The twins turned 14 months (almost a month ago!) and I realized I haven't written about what they've been up to lately! So here's a quick recap...

We're almost dunzo with bottles! Jack has 1 in the morning and 1 before bed. Amelia has 1 before bed because it's all we can do to get that girl to slow down for 2 seconds. When we get rid of Jack's bottles, we'll kick her night time bottle to the curb too. I'm waiting til we follow-up with the GI doctor on Jack's weight gain to completely get rid of his bottles. Atleast with the bottles I know for sure he's getting 10-15oz a day of 30 cal formula.

Their favorite cups these days are these:
They have sparkles and little mickey mouse ears in them. They shake them around in between sips and laugh at them. Whatever it takes. Hydration is key ;)

We have a walker and an almost walker! Amelia walks pretty much all the time now. Crawling is very last month. It's been a long time overdue because she's been taking steps since the beginning of July but wouldn't walk without encouragement for us. I think she was waiting until she could almost jog to walk because she's up to a good speed. She tumbles a lot but every day she has fewer and fewer falls! Jack is where Amelia was a few weeks ago, which is fine because we haven't really been encouraging his walking in order to build his upper body strength. We started working on walking at PT though about 3ish weeks ago? And since then, he's been a stepping and standing machine, so I think he'll catch on in the next few weeks on how to walk like Amelia does.

 The twins first bouncy house experience at a birthday party. They LOVED it!

Other things occupying our lives....Jack got a minor infection after his surgery. Luckily we caught it quick and got antibiotics so he's feeling much better. His parts are healing up nicely and I'm very glad to have the surgery and recovery behind us and be on the better end of things again! Life is pretty much back to normal, although Jack has been super clingy since the surgery so we're working on de-clinging. We got the results from Jack's sleep study back and he is apnea free and all breathing and oxygen rates are in a healthy range so he's been cleared! They think his lungs have "caught up" and took him off of all the oxygen. We'll go to pulmonology 1 more time a little before he turns 2 but if he has no problems during flu season and looks good then, we'll be completely done with pulmonology!

The twins are also talking! Jack talks better than Amelia actually ;) He says hi, bye, all done, up, ma ma, da da, dog, and I think he's trying to say "more" but says mo mo instead. Oh well, he's getting there ;) "Dog" was both of their official first word with a meaning, besides ma ma and da da. Every time they see our dog, they just say dog dog dog dog dog. True story. Cute at first, now....ehhh. haha Jack also signs all done, more (although its more of a clap), claps when you say Yay! and waves hi and bye. Amelia can do mostly everything he can but not on command. She does what she wants, when she wants. She does clap when she sees people clapping on tv or hear people clapping (hysterical haha) and she'll wave about 50% of the time. She usually waits until everyone leaves then she'll wave like crazy. Maybe she's just shy ;) She usually will sign all done but not as consistently as Jack. We're working on a few new signs now. Shoe is their favorite. I sign every time I'm looking for their shoes or we're putting on shoes. Usually they just laugh at me, they have yet to repeat it though. We're also working on body parts but they get "no" and "nose" confused so every time I try to tell them to point to their nose they just shake their head and say no no. We'll get there ;) They haven't quite grasped the concept of "yes" yet, but I guess they hear No a lot more haha Amelia gives kisses! Mostly to the dog, but if you catch her in a good mood, she'll give you a nice slobbery open mouth kiss too, and laugh hysterically the whole time she's doing it. What a goober :)

We also got to see baby 3 again! We had our 2nd trimester screen, which meant a level II ultrasound since I'm in the high risk party club. Apparently once you have 27 weekers, you're labeled for life as trouble in the pregnancy world. I don't mind the extra peeks at the baby though :) Overall, everything looked good. Baby is growing well although there's still some debate about my due date because of dates and size not lining up. The doctor seems set on setting the due date based on LMP. But baby has grown from 12 weeks (our last ultrasound) to 17.5 weeks right on track so I'm thinking the official due date will be January 26th. My original due date guess was January 31st so the baby is actually measuring farther along than I thought so I'm not worried.

Since everything looked good, I'm cleared for a whole month without appointments! (I never went more than 2 weeks between appointments with the twins! and my appointments have worked out to be about every 3 weeks with this baby) I'll get another ultrasound then to make sure baby is still growing on track with the Jan 26th date. If everything looks good then, we probably won't have many more ultrasounds until much farther along to confirm size in case of a c-section. A c-section is looking most probable now just because of the risks since the twins had to be delivered so quickly. If I go into labor on my own, baby is in the right position, and my labor progresses quickly though, the doctor did say he would be ok with doing a VBAC. I'm not super concerned with how the baby is delivered so I'm not going to really worry about it until much, much later. We have to make it full term first! Then I'll start thinking about the delivery :)

Baby 3 at 19 weeks (sorta) measuring 17.5 weeks

Overall, everything is going great at our house! I'm excited for the fall and pumpkin. The twins will be a lot of fun this halloween. The holidays will also be super fun this year so we have a lot to look forward to in the next few months! And as soon as all that is over, we'll have a new baby! We decided we're not going to travel more than an hour away from about 20 weeks on, so if you don't have holiday plans and want to visit us, let me know :) We'd love to have company!

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