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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Surgery Update

I know mostly just close friends, family, facebook friends knew about Jack's hypospadias surgery, but after much stress and frustration we are finally done and home!

We went in early Monday morning and he had NO idea what was about to happen.

He played and acted like his usual self. As soon as we got to the prep area though, he got pretty serious and upset.

They gave him some medicine to help him relax and then took him away from me to go have his surgery. It was almost 3 hours before he was done but thankfully, everything turned out well. The doctor said he looks good.

He spent most of Monday sleeping with some random awake times, then the anesthesia wore off and it's been insane every since. Because of his apnea and pulmonary concerns, we were admitted to be observed for the night. Jack was up the entire night screaming and upset. He clearly was in a lot of pain but there was only so much we could do for him. Luckily, he has calmed down a bit and has been doing much better. We finally got home Tuesday and Jack was very grateful to be back with his sister.

It's been messy since we got home, some vomiting, lots of pee flying everywhere on diaper changes because of the tube up his yoo-hoo, but he should be healed up by next week and life can go back to normal. As long as he doesn't get an infection and his little wee-wee heals properly, we are dunzo with this and hopefully will not have any more surgeries for a very, very, very, long time. I won't say never, I'm sure we'll have some tonsils or appendixes down the road, but I'm very glad to have this one behind us.

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