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Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Teams Reunion

We haven't done a ton with the March of Dimes all summer. There have been a few conference calls, the Macy's Shop for a Cause, making Thank you Cards for Macy's, and a few other small activities but nothing like how busy we were with them in the spring. I'm pretty happy though that this weekend kicked off some fall and pre-March for Babies events!

Next month is World Prematurity Day and that will kick off our Days of Gratitude for the winter months. I somehow got suckered into being the programs leader for the Days of Gratitude ;) so I'll be finding lots of volunteers to bake cookies, donate goodies, and then MOD families will take the goodies to all the local NICUs to thank the doctors, nurses and staff for all of their hard work helping babies. I'm also throwing in another project of finding people to make knit hats for the preemies so if you're interested in baking or knitting and live locally, let me know :) You don't have to be a preemie parent to help.

I'm hoping to get everything organized before baby 3 comes and hopefully get to visit a few NICUs myself, including the hospital I'll be delivering at (which of course has a NICU, because that was one of my criteria in picking a hospital and doctor...if I do go early, it'll be nice this time around to know where my baby will be and who will be taking care of me and baby). We'll see how things are going but hopefully all the events will be early enough that I can help out a lot.

Yesterday we had a Family Teams Reunion with the March of Dimes at the Zimmer Children's Museum in LA. It's the only children's museum in the area, surprisingly. I thought the twins might still be a bit too young to enjoy it, but I was so pleasantly surprised that they had so much fun stuff for them!

 There was a "park" for them to play at and have a picnic.
 An ambulance to drive around.
 A life boat with a ball pit of "water".

 Mirrors and things for them to touch and explore. Lots of great sensory activities, which is perfect for some crazy 1 year olds. Including a water table with squirt guns....yikes! ;)
and a school bus with noises, opening and closing doors, pushing levers up and down. They also had an under 2 room, a story room with puppets, a play synagogue (the museum is run by the Jewish Community Center), dress up, a grocery store, an airplane, and all kinds of fun things. I'm so glad we went :)

We also got to hang out with all of our March of Dimes friends. 2 of the moms are pregnant and due about the same time as me! 1 had her preemie about the same time as the twins 10 weeks early, so it was interesting comparing babies and pregnancies :)

We had a lot of fun and can't wait for more March of Dimes activities and to go back to the museum for another day of fun!

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