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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Mania

I take fall very seriously. Maybe too seriously. Maybe it's because the last time I felt true fall weather was the last time I was in Pennsylvania for the fall (our wedding) and I haven't lived in an area that has a true fall 3 years now I guess. Wow time has flown since I moved from philly! :)


I have attempted to make the 90 degree heat wave in SoCal feel like fall but lighting pumpkin candles, but alas, I ended up blowing out the candle out to eliminate any mild source of heat in the house. over 90 degree temps with no air conditioning, 2 wild babies, and 2lbs of baby in my belly is NO FUN AT ALL.

Luckily, this weekend finally felt like fall! The temperature dropped to the low 70s (so help me if we have another heat wave...I'll die) and it was a beautiful overcast Saturday morning for a trip to the "country". And by country, I mean Irvine. Sadly, the best we can do within an hour drive.

We ran through a corn maze...

Took a wagon ride around the farm...

and squeezed in some time for a quick photo op

Does that picture look familiar?
 I'm still refusing to admit my babies are getting so big.

On the way home I remembered there was a fall festival going on at the base, which means free fun, games and bouncey houses, so we swung by for a little bit to run around a even more.

All this by 2pm. I'm sad to say, even with all that craziness, the twins still hardly napped. They ran around most of the afternoon on a high from their fall adventures. Crazy kids ;)

More adventures coming soon! :)

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