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Monday, November 12, 2012

10 Randoms of our Life Lately

1. The saddest part of my mom leaving after visiting for 2 weeks was having to change all the diapers and do laundry again. I miss her company but boy was a 2 week diaper duty break enjoyable ;)

2. I made an entire crock pot full of granola and thought we'd be eating it for years. Luckily, the twins seem to be closet granola lovers. They should have told me earlier! I'm concerned about the diapers with all the fiber though. Maybe grandma will come back? ;)

3. Jackson's climbing skills are very advanced. And very annoying. Is there a trick to keep little boys on the ground because i'd love to know it. This kid is driving me bonkers!
Yea, that about sums up our afternoons.

4. Amelia has become a sugar addict. A lollipop after shots and a cookie at a party and she's turned into a feen. She'll eat anything sweet she can grab.

We'll have to focus on more granola and less birthday parties I think ;)

5. 29 weeks and some change and I'm pretty sure I look more like 40. 

Hopefully we'll get to see what 40 weeks really looks like ;) enter our baby pool to tell us how far you think this gigantic baby will go :)

6. Our baby monitor bit the dust ($35 for over a year, I'll let it slide), so we went shopping for a new one and opted for a fancy video one. I like being able to see Amelia (jackson sleeps in the pack n play in our room so his night time whining doesn't wake Amelia up) but I can only hear her when she cries. Our old monitor I could hear her breathe and roll around and that gave me some comfort at night. Also, I could leave the monitor in the kitchen and hear her anywhere downstairs. This one I can't hear anything but static. Am I crazy and should I love the fancy monitor or go trade it in for another cheapo one?

7. I finally started Christmas shopping and I'm sooo excited for some of the twins new toys! Maybe just because I'm sick of the old ones ;) 

8. I totally intend on hitting up black Friday shopping 31 weeks pregnant. Be kind to the preggo at your stores ;) I just want some toys, you don't have to fight me for the wii or blu ray players. 

9. I have like 2 weeks left on my pumpkin kick before I switch to peppermint, any good recipes I must try before the pumpkin season ends?

10. The twins only have 10 weeks left til their little world gets rocked. Any good activity ideas to do with them before #3 gets here? We were going to hit up the aquarium and science center and obviously, just enjoy the holidays together, but I'd love any ideas for fun things you did pre-new baby :)

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