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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

atleast for some people. Apparently, not these 2 ;)

Our church had the holiday boutique/breakfast/santa greeting this morning and things definitely didn't go as well as last year. Amelia took 1 look at Santa and got a look of panic on her face. Jack sat on his lap, confused for a second, then realizing his sister was terrified, proceeded to have a melt down. But I guess what childhood isn't complete without a terrifying experience with Santa?

The rest of the morning went much better. They were adored by everyone at our church and had fun running around looking at all the tables with goodies for sale. We ended up just buying some bagels by some miracle I said no to the sweets on the table haha) and a cute bow for Amelia. It's nice to support the church and school and still get a fun breakfast, some christmas shopping, and a very entertaining trip to santa, all in one morning ;)

I might try again with Santa at a store, but we'll see how brave I'm feeling ;)

Now we're off to the San Pedro Holiday Parade!

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