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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The big 3-3!

I cannot believe I'm 33 weeks pregnant! Every day I get a little happier, a little more surprised I've made it so far, and a little more excited to meet baby 3 :) I'm definitely starting to get nervous for the inevitable delivery but baby has to come out somehow, sometime, so I try not to think about it too much. As it gets closer to the scheduled c-section date though, I'm sure I'll start to panic.

30 weeks pregnant in the picture. Don't mind the fuzzy hair. You can't tell but it was actually pouring down rain when we took this picture! haha

So what's going on at 33 weeks you ask? Honestly, and happily, not much! This entire pregnancy has been a breeze compared to the twins which I am soo grateful for since I've been able to handle the twins fairly well by myself still.

The only big concern I've had is baby is very relaxed. I don't feel him/her very much. I go through periods with a lot of activity and then long periods of feeling practically nothing at all. It's a little stressful, because I expected to be feeling the baby more but after talking to my doctor, he decided to do an ultrasound and nonstress test and baby came back perfect. Well, not too perfect. S/he BARELY passed the nonstress test so we're going to repeat it every week from here on out, but everything looked great in the ultrasound so baby looks healthy and very happy and content inside of me.

My doctor makes a comment every time I see him about how much I've grown as he takes a double take at his measuring tape, so apparently baby is really growing in there! Which is great! S/he was 3 1/2lbs 5 weeks ago (at 28 weeks) so my guess is I have about a 5lb baby inside of me right now :) AKA almost a pound more than the twins weighed COMBINED! :)

My biggest complaint at this point in my pregnancy is just that I'm tired. I don't have the energy I'd like to say the least haha I feel bad because I'm not on the floor and as hands on with the twins as I was, or I'd like to be. I mostly sit on the couch and they bring toys to me and I'll play with them. If I sit on the ground to play with them, I'm down there for good, but they usually want me to be up and down and chasing after them, so that kind of playing has become a bit sparse these days. If they're climbing outside I'm at the couch right next to the back door watching or sitting on a chair outside keeping tabs on them, not climbing all over their jungle gym with them. Hopefully, after I have this baby, things will go as smoothly as they did with the twins with my recovery. I remember getting my energy back almost immediately, my back pain magically disappeared, and I was up and moving around very quickly after the c-section. So I'm just praying things go that way with this baby too so I can get back in the action with the twins!

Even with the limited mobility I'm still having to remind myself to slow down or take a seat a lot because I've been having a fair amount of braxton hicks in the past few weeks. Usually a few a day. Never painful, never accompanied with any other signs of preterm labor, and they always stop when I sit down for a few minutes, so it's nothing I'm concerned about, but it's definitely a hint that I need a break, even if I'm still feeling good other than that.

So that's it in my rather uneventful pregnancy so far! Still overall, I feel amazing compared to my pregnancy with the twins and have been enjoying the pregnancy and how long it's lasted ;) Part of me wants the baby to come soon, because, hey, what have I been working for the past 8 months? I'm excited for the end to see my baby! But part of me is happy to just have these last few weeks to enjoy the time with my precious first borns :) It's gone by so quickly and I can't believe how much our world is going to change again very soon. I'm excited, but hoping and praying for a smooth and easy delivery so if you're thinking about us, say a prayer for my baby birthing anxiety and that everything goes well when the big day comes! 6 1/2 weeks, if not sooner, will be the big day! yikes! :)

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