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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome Baby B!

Well what a fun surprise baby Benjamin turned out to be! Definitely not what we thought would happen this weekend! So I thought I'd share his birth story before I forget :)

So let's start a few weeks back...I started getting contractions during my weekly non-stress tests. I thought for sure this was a good sign but every time the doctor checked me, my cervix was closed so whatever contractions I was having, weren't doing much. Baby was still being very inactive and I had a few extra ultrasounds at 35-37 weeks to make sure he was OK. He always checked out fine so we kept on going. Friday the 11th I had a Dr appointment and I was hoping, being a day shy of 38 weeks, I'd have some progress but my doctor said my cervix was completely closed. We joked back and forth that baby was comfy cozy and not moving until the scheduled c section date. He said at least I had a c section date and didn't have to wait til I was past due to be induced because he thought that might have been the case.

A little bit on our "birth plan"...while I stayed open to options, as I discussed VBAC vs repeat c section with the doctor, part of me kept feeling uncomfortable with the VBAC. It must have been the same part of me that was anxious and convinced something was wrong with my pregnancy with the twins, because things ended up working out for the best. Call it mother's intuition, but there was just something off to me about a VBAC. It still wasn't off the table, depending on how I went into labor, if I went into labor, but I was by no means pushing for a VBAC.

So Friday afternoon I left the doctor and prepped myself for another week and a half of pregnancy. I was getting tired and uncomfortable but I knew my mom was coming Sunday so at least I would have help with the twins soon. My sweet neighbor took the twins for a bit that night before Tom got home to give me a break and brought me cake balls, tom came home and we put the twins to bed, then I went to bed soon after.

So Saturday 2am is where things get entertaining. It might be TMI for some, but I'm not sure what birth story doesn't include some yuckiness haha

I woke up and thought I'd peed myself a bit. I went to the bathroom, peed, changed and went back to bed thinking nothing of it. An hour later I feel like I have to pee again and got grouchy that I had to get up AGAIN. I leaked a bit on my way to and from the bathroom, wrapped my bottom half in a towel and googled "loss of bladder control at 38 weeks pregnant". It happens, I woke tom up because I was grouchy (haha sorry) and he suggested I call labor and delivery. I told him it was just pee and went back to sleep. Tom woke up at 5 to do his long run for the week and I waddled downstairs soon after, "peeing" all along the way and mad I didn't think I could leave the house until I gave birth because I was an embarrassing mess. Tom got back and woke the twins up and I called my mom and tweeted with my "big sis" about my awkward and disgusting morning. Both people said I should go to L&D, which I didn't want to do, because I'd pee all over the place, but finally at like 7:30, I called and they told me to come in. I called my neighbor just in case to have her watch the twins and had Tom get the twins ready, just in case, while I drove myself to the hospital, still convinced it was just pee.

Well within about 2 minutes of being at the hospital, I found out it really was my water. It was so undramatic, unlike my water breaking with the twins, so I was pretty surprised. Tom dropped the twins off next door and hopped in the car to join me at the hospital. Luckily, it was a weekend and an OK time of day so I thought it worked out well ;)

The doctor had told me he wouldn't want to have to give me pitocin or induce to have a VBAC and since that's what it would have taken to get "real" labor going (I wasn't feeling any contractions and it'd been 6+ hours since my water broke at that point), everyone quickly got ready for the repeat c section, which I was totally fine with. Tom showed up.and before I knew it, I was in the OR and ready to have a baby!

The doctor wasn't my regular doctor, it was his partner since they rotate weekends on call. He seemed very relaxed and confident so I didn't mind. He was very chatty the whole time, explaining things as we got ready and it was so much more relaxed than my experience with the twins, I didn't mind a thing. He and the assisting doctor thanked me for not calling at 2am and waiting til later in the morning to decide my water was broken. I joked I wanted to make sure he had his wheaties before he sliced me open. The nurse, anesthesiologist and everyone were very chatty and happy and excited so it made me feel really at ease.

Things kind of got a little scary when the C-section actually started. As soon as the doctor started the c section he says "oh thank goodness you didn't have a VBAC, your uterus would have ruptured, its paper thin at your old scar." He kept saying how I made a good decision, just based on the scar, then he pulls out baby with the chord wrapped around his neck twice. Again, doctor, nurses everyone was discussing how lucky we were and how a c section was definitely the best option and how the chord was probably why baby was so inactive and heart rate dropped a lot during non-stress tests. Not saying this is the case with everyone, but whatever intuition I had that made me happy to have a repeat c section, saved mine and Benjamin's life. They pulled him all the way out a few seconds later, kicking, screaming, bright pink and healthy as could be.

Tom cut the chord and didn't even want pictures, luckily, the nurse was insistent and I kept saying to take pictures of everything so she did a good job at making sure we had good pictures in the delivery room :)

 Finally (I say finally, it was like 2 minutes) I got to hold my little chubby cheeked boy :)

And the nurse snapped a few family pictures :)

So everyone came out fine. Tom actually got to be there for the birth this time around. We got lots of pics and was so happy I got to see and hold my baby right away. He stayed with me for awhile then went with tom to the nursery while they finished up with me and got me to recovery. Baby came back to me at recovery, I got to start nursing right away, and it was a really smooth and easy recovery and transition.

 It was a little tricky juggling the twins around since Benjamin decided to come before my mom showed up but luckily we have great neighbors and friends who took care of them for us so Tom could be there with me from time to time.The next day, I was up and moving around. The nurse told me I was her best patient even though I was the only c-section. The doctor came in and told me I looked great and asked me when I wanted to go home. Of course, I said as soon as I could because we have the twins to take care of too. To my surprise he said, ok let's get you discharged today! Who would fight that? ;)

Benjamin was healthy and passed all of his tests and before I knew it, we were heading home! Recovery at home so far has been pretty good. Very little pain, I haven't taken any pain meds other than motrin, and I've been up and moving around pretty well. Every day gets a little easier. Ben and I are getting in a good groove together. I wasn't sure if the twins would ignore the baby or become very clingy with me when they saw me with the new baby. Luckily, they could care less about the baby. They just play with their grandma and daddy when he's home and go about their business. I try to help out with them while I can but it's mostly been my mom handling the twins and I handle Benjamin. I haven't seen any changes with the twins (extra fussy or clingy or acting like "babies" again), but we'll see how they act after my mom leaves in a few weeks and they realize baby isn't going anywhere ;)

Overall, I'm so excited Benjamin is finally here. I can't wait til he's old enough to play with the twins, but I'm just enjoying having a little cozy newborn for now :) He sleeps and eats and hardly ever cries so I have no complaints at all. He is quite the blessing and I'm so excited to get in a groove and have fun with my 3 little munchkins as they grow up...hopefully not too fast though :)

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers this entire pregnancy. I'm soo happy to have a healthy full term baby! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us out so far and the many neighbors and friends who already have plans to help us out with food and things. We're so lucky to have such a great military family here in California to take care of us :) I can't wait for Ben to meet everyone soon! :)

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