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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 Month/20 Months

Hard to believe my little munchkins are growing up so fast! Today is Benjamin's 1 month birthday! and just a few days ago the twins turned 20 months. Soon they'll be done with monthly birthdays and just be 2 year olds! yikes!

Benjamin at 1 month..

  • Weighs over 9lbs! (I weighed him at the doctors office while we were there for an appointment for Jack last week)
  • Wears 0-3 month clothes comfortably, he has definitely outgrown his newborn things!
  • Lifts his head really well from side to side during tummy time and lifts it up when he's in a baby carrier or being help on someone's shoulder.
  • Seems to be terrified of his brother and sister...he has quite a panic look on his face when they're around. Can't say I blame the kid...they're a little rough with him sometimes haha
  • Doesn't mind tummy time or baths so much anymore.
  • Still has really really dark blue eyes....I can't wait for them to lighten up and see what color they turn out to be, pretty light blue like sister's or a deeper blue like brother's, maybe more grey/green/blue like mine? we shall see!
  • Still calling him on team mommy and amelia...I think he looks a lot like us and not so much like daddy and jack ;) sorry guys!
 The twins at 20 months....
  • Both weigh about 22 1/2lbs. Amelia is almost 33 inches and Jack is closer to 34.
  • Are little talkers...they still stick with their favorite words spontaneously, but they'll repeat pretty much anything you tell them to repeat...kind of fun, could get us in trouble though ;)
  • Favorite words include: mama, dada, baby (for benjamin), all done, more, dog, oh no and uh oh (for when they drop something), no no no no no (when they know they're not supposed to be doing something..but usually do it anyway), up, down, and night night.
  • Their favorite games: Telling us what body parts are (nose, ear, mouth, tummy are the best ones), telling us the sounds farm animals make (duck is pretty hilarious for them to attempt saying quack quack haha), and reading books. They love their books.
  • New obsessions: Elmo and abby, trains, riding on tricycle type toys.
  • Old favorites: Mickey and Minnie, playing with the dog, climbing on anything and everything.
  • Biggest accomplishments as of lately: Amelia is in her big girl bed! I don't know if she likes it or just doesn't care either way, but she stays in there for sleeping and naps and we can put her down awake and she will (usually) stay put or only take a time or 2 to remind her to stay put. Jackson can open ANYTHING. He can do door knobs, pull open big doors, lock and unlock doors and windows, and open most baby proofed things. It's a BIG problem at our house haha our downstairs has become pretty sparce and upstairs is locked up (he can open up the gate but we usually can catch him before he gets upstairs).
  • Upcoming events: Jack's last follow-up with the pulmonologist and last synagis shot ever will be in the next few weeks! Ma ma Pepka is coming to visit next week! We have some travel plans in the future. We have lots of birthday parties and fun play dates coming up in the next few weeks, including Amelia's first big girl princess party. She's so excited, you should see her yelling princess around the house :)

 Can't believe how grown up they are now!

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