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Friday, March 29, 2013

First Snow!

I told everyone I wanted it to snow while we were in PA. Since we weren't coming until March, most of my friends from here hated me for saying it. But I just wanted a snow shower, for one quick afternoon, then we could be done with snow. I just wanted the twins to get the chance to see snow for the first time!

Well...we got more than a snow shower...

and more than bad.

The twins were eager to get outside and play. They even learned a new word! Cold ;)
They were happy to play in the snow for a few minutes and I was happy to see them discovering snow, but about 5 minutes into their snow play time, they were both ready to come back inside and warm up.

They did some exploring though...

and had fun seeing their foot prints in the snow and the snow on all the trees. I'm glad they got to have their first snow and they were old enough to enjoy it. We tried building snow men, but they were just too cold. They also learned that they love hot chocolate ;) 

Oh the hard life being a 1 year old...

I'll have more posts coming up about our adventures in Pennsylvania! We're having lots of fun!

Also, coming up will be more fundraisers for our March of Dimes team! If you have a newborn girl or toddlers, you'll want to check out our next 2 fundraisers coming up after Easter! 

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