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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

22 Things

22 Things about the Twins at 22 Months!

1. Amelia says EVERYTHING you say. So watch what you say around her. Tonight my brother asked if she was awesome and she said "yea! awesome!" haha what a goof.

2. Jack's language skills continue to improve. He doesn't say a ton yet but he understands a lot. He says "ohhh noo" when he is about to do something he knows he shouldn't do. Then does it, even though he knows he shouldn't. Example: Climbing out of his bed at night. "ohhh nooooo"

3. Amelia's favorite color is "ewwoo" (Yellow). and she loves "ewwooo uwip" (yellow tulips).

4. These 2 are quite the little explorers. They have really enjoyed hanging out at my parents and exploring the woods and fields all around.
5. I'm pretty sure Jack doesn't need physical therapy when we get back. He's done so much better at walking in a straight line, not falling, and I'd like to thank all of the trees and sticks around the house that have helped him with that ;) We'll see when we get him evaled when we get back what they say!

6.  They both wear size 2T clothes and 4 diapers...although I'm hoping that diaper thing will be done soon! Fingers crossed!

7. Speaking of getting rid of diapers, Amelia loves the potty. She knows when she is going, now she just needs to line that up with getting to the toilet BEFORE she goes. :-P

8. Jack loves all things that, trains, planes and anything in between! He's obsessed.

9. Jack NEVER sits still...ever. But he will for a "choo choo".

10. Amelia's new favorite show is Thomas the Tank Engine, which she can say very clearly now. She'll stop everything for Thomas. She's almost as bad as Jack ;)

11. Jack doesn't have the patiences for TV...that whole sitting still thing haha which really stinks when mommy needs some quiet time to feed the baby.

12. Neither of them can jump, which I find kind of funny. They should be jumping by now. They know the word jump, they say jump when they see someone jump, but the actual act of jumping is beyond them. They bend down and then stand up really fast but their feet never leave the ground. Oh well...maybe next month?

13. They love to climb trees.
14. They love each other...usually.

15. Jack is a great sharer...Amelia won't share anything. Ever.

16. Amelia has the biggest sweet tooth in the world and will walk around the house asking everyone for a cookie. Ugh! Despite my cutting back on "cookies" and all sweet things lately. I gave her a little dish of ice cream after she banged her lip yesterday at the park and she held on to that bowl for dear life until every bite was gone haha

17. They both have all of their teeth except their last 4, the 2 year molars. We'll see when they decide to pop through.

18. We've had 2 crazy bloody accidents this month, 1 was at the park yesterday when Amelia busted her lip. The other was with Jack about 2 weeks ago when he sliced his forehead open on the corner of the deck. No stitches, no permanent damage, just a bit of a bloody mess :-P Well, at least we made it this long without bloody injuries ;)

19.  Both kiddos eat great with forks and spoons now! I can give Amelia a bowl of cereal and she'll use her spoon to get every drop of milk like a pro. Jack is a little sloppier and will usually just pick up the bowl and drink from it, but he does well with utensils too. Meals are SLOWLY getting a little less messy.

20. Amelia will always clean up her toys. Jackson will NEVER clean up his toys. Not sure how he missed the boat on that lesson...hmm..

21. Amelia is starting to remember people by name and use their names frequently. She'll ask where pop pop is if he's not around. She hands me the phone and tells me to call daddy. She'll point to everyone correctly if you ask her where certain people are. Jack gets most people but he doesn't say it as well as Amelia does.

22. They have become wild, fun toddlers! They're growing up so fast! Can't believe they'll be 2 soon! yikes!

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