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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Haircut!

This trip has been full of firsts and lots of activity to keep everyone busy! It's been a little tricky in the cold weather but we've managed to find a lot of things to do to keep us busy in Pennsylvania and not miss our favorite person while he's away.

A big first that I thought would be awhile away was Amelia's first haircut!

We cut Jack's not long after his first birthday. His hair grows incredibly uneven so he has a ton of hair on top and none on the sides, or a ton in the back and none on top. It's out of control. But I've just been taking clippers to his hair every few weeks to keep it even and not looking too sloppy.

Amelia's was a bigger deal since we took her to a salon.

While we were in Pennsylvania, where haircuts are cheap and people are friendly, we decided it would be a good time to do something about this...
That is some majorly out of control baby fuzz. We comb it and detangle it and try to make it look nice but it was just getting out of hand. So I took her to the salon I've gone to for many many years and she got her first little trim!
She was a little antsy but was mostly just excited to get lots of time to check herself out in the mirror. I have a very modest little girl ;) She did great and soon she had a pretty little hair cut!
Since the haircut it's been so much easier to comb, we don't have to spend hours trying to get all the knots out of the back and it's gotten the cute little curl back :) It's also grown like crazy so maybe it was a good thing to get her hair trimmed ;) Just looking at this picture I can't believe how much longer it is in just 3 weeks! I'd show you a recent picture, but the only ones I seem to be able to find she has a hat on. Darn Pennsylvania cold! ;) 

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