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Monday, April 8, 2013

NICU Visit!

I am so terrible I can't believe I didn't get pictures while we were at the NICU! How silly can you get! But I did get pictures while we were prepping for our NICU visit!

We went the week before Easter so we thought we'd make some Easter cookies and cards for the lovely people at the Conemaugh Memorial RICN.

This was the first year the twins could participate in our visit although they still have no clue what was going on.

We spent the morning cutting out cookies and decorating them with sprinkles.

Although I think they much preferred eating the cookies than decorating them.
They still did a great job and most of the cookies survived the process ;)

We decorated cards the next day and put in their Easter picture with the Easter bunny to share with everyone. This was the first picture they sent that included their new baby brother too ;)

I don't think everyone on the blog has gotten to see how entertaining this picture turned out yet...
I'm holding Amelia's back to keep her in the picture, Jack looks terrified and Ben has no interest at all in what's going on. haha oh the memories ;)

I wish we had pictures visiting with the nurses and Dr. Chan but the twins were running around, I was talking to another mom who just had twins at 27 weeks as well, and we had way more fun chatting to think of taking pictures. Next time! I'm hoping we get to visit one more time before we go, maybe with Tom when he gets back. Until next time ;)

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