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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ben Love: 3 1/2 Months

I haven't written about Ben much lately so I thought I'd take some time to share what the little chub is up to these days ;)

He seems to have really grown up overnight. He has turned from a bump on a log to a happy, playful little baby :)

His favorite time of the day is bath time. He just kicks and splashes and thinks he's the funniest guy around.
He's very serious when he's out of the tub though.

He'll probably get quite a kick out of bathing with the twins but he needs to be able to sit well and fight them off a bit more before I put him into that craziness.

He loves watching his brother and sister play and has really found lights and the TV to be his favorite things in the world. More so then his mother sometimes.

He's been busy making new friends. And he really loves playing outside when we give him the chance...

What a cutie patootie :)

So some stats on Ben at 3 1/2ish months:

Weight: no clue, he hasn't been weighed in almost 2 months. My guess is over 15lbs

Height: Tall...again, just guessing but I'm throwing 25 inches out there. I'll get all the stats at his 4 months appointment.

Favorite things: The kitchen chandelier and the TV....watching his brother and sister do something crazy is a close 2nd ;)

Favorite activities: "standing" on his own (he only needs help with his balance, he can fully support his weight now), splashing in the bath tub, "talking" to anyone who will listen to him, and smiling at everyone he meets.

Least favorite things: Surprisingly, tummy time. He hates it. He starts crying within a minute or 2 of being on the ground :( we still force him into a few minutes at a time, usually several times a day, but it never goes well. When he is on his tummy he has great neck control, can roll to his back, and scooch himself around in a circle. He's starting to try to pick his bottom half up a bit. I don't know if he'll be crawling anytime soon but he might just get up and walk one day haha

Wears: Size 6-9 month clothes (some big 3-6 month stuff) and size 3 diapers.

Eats: On demand. I don't pay attention. At all. haha what a change from the twins! I feed him when he's crying, it seems to be every few hours. Some days he goes longer, other days he seems to be eating constantly, but he is clearly not deprived so I don't really mess with tracking it all.  I haven't been pumping since my pump is in California so I'm a terrible mother and have no clue how much he eats or how often haha again, he's clearly not skipping many meals so as long as he keeps growing and is healthy, I'll just let him nurse when he wants for as long as he wants and we'll keep going with that ;)

Sleeps: Through the night! For a few weeks now actually. His longest period was about 10 1/2 hours, his typical night is at least a 7-8 hour stretch. After the twins get bathed I give him a quick bath, feed him, put him down at about 8pm and he's usually out til 4am. He'll wake up for a little snack and keep sleeping until I take him downstairs when the twins get up (between 6-7am usually). He still is a big cat napper, taking several small naps a day and usually 1 long 2-3 hour nap. He sleeps great though, so no complaints coming from me :)

Personality: Still a little too early to tell but so far, he reminds me of a little Amelia. We shall see :) It'd be interesting to have 2 stubborn little firecrackers in the house. At least Jack will hopefully help them chill out if it comes to that haha

Looks: I definitely think he's the blondest of the 3. His eye lashes are super light and neither of the twins have that. What little hair he has so far is coming in super super light so he might be my towest of the towheads.

So that's the deal with our little Benny! We love him so much and he's been so much fun to have around. I'm already forgetting what life was like before him. I think things will start to get really interesting now that he's moving out of the newborn phase and into the true baby stage ;)

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