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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Choo choo!

The highlight of the twins life....TRAINS.

Amelia will point out any train she sees in books, toys, magazines or on TV. Jack will run around the house pushing a train yelling "choo choo!" all day long. It's an obsession. Although, with everything they can be obsessed with, it's probably one of the more tolerable obsessions.

They love watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Amelia can even say "thomas" really well now. I guess we'll work on the difference between Thomas the train and Thomas is daddy a little farther down the road when her vocabulary gets a little better ;)

Lucky for these train enthusiasts, Altoona, Pennsylvania is a big train town. The whole reason Altoona even exists is because of trains. And there are still trains very frequently going through town and lots of fun things for train lovers to see and do.

We weren't going to go, but at the last minute there was a break in thunder storms and we were able to go visit the Horseshoe Curve. I'm so glad we went because the twins absolutely LOVED it.

 Added bonus, it's a monorail type thing to get up to the curve where the trains are. Because what kid doesn't love riding a car up a big hill?

 So much fun! We rode up just in time to see 2 trains coming by!

Amelia is yelling "oooo trains!" in these do I know? Because that's all she said for a good 15 minutes before, during and after the trains went by.

The lady at the shop told us trains went by every 30 minutes so after the first 2 trains went by, we thought we'd run around a bit and hopefully catch 1 more. Luckily, another one came in a few minutes after the first 2! You could see the train coming up to the curve and the twins eyes about popped out of their heads with wide eyed happiness and excitement.
I would have made my children look at the camera for this picture, but then they would have had to take their eyes off the train and that's just silly talk ;)

They have a small train museum at the bottom of the hill that was also fun to check out (the buttons that you press and they make train sounds were a big hit) and they had trains for the kids to play with. So much fun! So glad we went! I thought it might be a bit of an older kid activity, but with all the trains going around the curve, it turned out perfectly. They talked about and played with trains very happily for the rest of the day. 1 year old dream come true ;)

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