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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Citrus Classic Balloon Festival

I've been itching to get out of the "city" so the other day we took a long road trip to the country to see the Citrus Classic Balloon Festival!

We were promised fair like food and fun for the whole family, and I must say, it definitely didn't disappoint.

First of all, there were balloons!

 I'm glad we got there early because of wind, the balloons were only up for a bit in the early morning and then had to come down. But luckily, that wasn't all they had going on.

There was a play place set up by the Ventura Little Gym. They twins had a blast roaming around there.

There was also a hay ride around the avocado and lemon trees! The twins had to sit like big kids on the hay bails but by the end, it turned into a hay battle between them.
 There was some food and craft booths, but by far the biggest highlight of the event was the train ride! Oh yes, a train at a balloon festival. We can find trains anywhere ;)

 One cart was left open so you could sit on benches and soak up the view. Amelia enjoyed a snack with her ride.
But the twins loved that they could move around a bit more on the real train cars.
It was a beautiful scenery on our ride to Santa Paula and back. While seeing the ocean every day is great, it's also really nice to get away and see the mountains and farms in the "country".

Oh yea, Ben was there too ;) haha poor kid gets lugged around everywhere but never any pictures taken of him since he's usually being carried by me or hanging out in the stroller. He had fun too though seeing the sites. He's such a smiley guy.

It was a beautiful day for a balloon festival and we had a great time! Definitely a must see for our California friends!

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