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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Disney Adventures

We took the twins to Disney when they were only a few months old, and I can't believe it took us until Ben was almost 7 months to get him to Disneyland! Parenting Fail ;)

So we finally got around to taking Benny boy to Disney when my sister gave us a good excuse ;) My niece got the opportunity to dance with her dance studio at Disneyland and we figured it'd be a good chance to see some family and take the twins to Disney for the first time in 10 months and Ben's first trip!

This was the first time the twins really knew what was going on and were seriously into Disney which made the whole experience so much more fun. From the second we stepped into the park, they were smitten.


We arrived as soon as the gates opened and it worked out perfectly. We met up with the fam...
and got first dibs on some good rides before the park filled up.
Their first time on the tea cups!

We also got to meet Mickey and Minnie without any lines! Amelia was thrilled! Jackson...not so much.

Amelia absolutely loved meeting Mickey and Minnie! It was a dream come true for that girl ;)
Jack was more impressed by the "big truck"
Ben did great all day long, which hardly a complaint at all.
Can you see a little baby head in the picture? haha

And we got to see my niece dance!
We were also lucky enough to meet Minnie yet again! You can't really tell in this picture, but Amelia was giving Minnie a kiss on the nose! Melt my heart<3
The highlight of the day for Jackson was definitely a train ride around the park. The boy loves trains!

Overall, it was a super magical day, per usual. We had a wonderful time. Amelia got a princess button so all the workers called her princess for the afternoon. They also picked out a buzz lightyear toy and some princess toys to take home with them, which are still absolute favorite toys in our house. We have 2 more days left on our passes so I'm excited to go back to Disneyland again soon!

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