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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Life Lately

I've gotten so behind on blogging I actually have to check facebook to see what we've been up to lately ;) The summer is starting to quiet down, school starts here next week, I think our activities will be calming down so I can finally blog more...I hope ;)

So the happenings with us lately:

Jack is still in therapy that keeps us busy 2-3 days a week. We have PT, OT, and speech and usually have 4 sessions a week. Where we go to is great and works so well at keeping my schedule under control and tries to give us back to back sessions so we're usually only there 2 days a week for a couple hours for all of his sessions. It was rough for him readjusting to therapy after having a 2 month vacation while we were in PA, but he's back in the swing of it and very comfortable there again. He also seems to really like it which makes things easier. Amelia, Ben and I get to play while he works with his therapists.

Amelia is doing great and has graduated from all of her "preemie" things. Which frees up a lot of extra time for us ;)

We also joined the YMCA. Amelia started taking a ballet class.

It's mommy and me and we get to have Saturday morning girl time, which she really likes. It usually involves breakfast so she's a big fan ;) My 22lb 2 year old loves to eat! Also, at the Y we are doing a music class with the twins. We put Ben in childcare and I get to play and make music with the twinners for a little while. When Ben gets a little bigger I'll do a class with him. For now, he's pretty content to just sit and watch most of our activities ;) Maybe chew on a toy or 2 from time to time.

So that is our weekly calendar. Throw in a few playdates, tea parties and wrestling matches and you have a week in the life of the Pepka gang!

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