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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Day in the Life: 3 kid addition

It's been awhile since I did a "Day In The Life" post and a lot has changed since the twins were 6 months old...since, ya know, that was 2 years ago and all. Oh and we have that other kid now too ;) So now we have 3 kids to coordinate our days with. In some ways, things have gotten easier, in other ways, the juggling has gotten a little trickier, but we make it work ;) Each day is pretty different, depending on what we have going on that week, but I'm just picking a day we have a good routine with and going with that ;)
6:00am: I wake up. I can usually sneak in an extra 30 minutes if I need to but on this particular day, we have somewhere to be in the morning so I grab a quick shower, toss on some clothes and get ready for the day.
6:30am: I start waking kids up. Ben is first, I feed him, then I toss him in the playroom downstairs. Next, I wake up the twins. I let them mess around for a few minutes while they wake up so I can grab outfits for them, then I coral them downstairs.
6:45am-7:15: I usually will get the twins breakfast first, but if we have somewhere to be, I change them all first, starting with Ben. Mickey Mouse is usually on in the background and everyone is still kind of waking up. I throw a waffle in the toaster, cut up some fruit, make my coffee and oatmeal, then start loading the kids up in the car with breakfast on the road for everyone.

7:15: Off to therapy we go!

8:00-9:15am-Jackson has occupational therapy and speech therapy back to back. He goes back to do his therapy by himself now. Amelia, Ben and I grab a spot on the carpet, some toys and puzzles from the collection they have there, and some snacks and play while we wait for Jack

9:15am: Jackson did awesome and his therapists rave about his progress. Yay Jack! We hit the road again to the library

9:30-10:15 or 10:45am: We hit up the library on the way home. We've hit a few different libraries nearby but I think we found one we're going to stick with because there's a story time at 10:15! We say hi to the librarian, tell her our theme for the week (this week is stars), and she helps us find a few books that are somewhat age appropriate but a little bit above twinkle twinkle. We hit up story time then head home.

11:00am: I throw together a quick lunch, grabbing the leftover guacamole and chicken and adding a few cucumber and apple slices. The twins gobble it down and Ben picks at it for a little bit.
11:45am: Nap time! Yay! I will nurse Ben and he'll usually join the twins soon after I get them in their beds. This is my only kidless free time so I usually spend it cleaning up breakfast and lunch, prepping dinner, cleaning up whatever mess the kids made at home (it's much worse when we're not gone all morning like today!) and getting ready for our afternoon. I count library as our "school time" but that's usually done in the morning so I can clean up all our books and activities from that and try to prep for the next day's "school" activity. 

2:30pm: Everyone is up...or trying to be at least. They're usually pretty groggy after naps so we lounge on the couch having a snack while everyone wakes up.

3:00pm-5:00pm: You can find us on the street! We are almost always in the cul de sac or at the park for a good chunk of this time. The kids play with their friends, ride bikes, push their cars around, steal other people's bikes, jump on the trampoline our neighbor has, or just hang out with their friends. The moms sit in the street while the kiddos run.

5:00pm: It's almost dinner time and daddy should be home soon so we go inside to finish dinner. I finish dinner and get plates made.

5:30pm: daddy is home! The minions are restless! We eat dinner almost as soon as he walks in the door (welcome home!). Jackson and Ben gobble it down, Amelia picks at her food and plays with it and asks for cookies. That girl!

6-7:30pm: Dinner is done so Tom and I take shifts cleaning, picking up, playing, or watching a movie with the kids. Usually I'm exhausted by now and try to claim the movie spot ;) The kids snack on some cereal before bed.

7:30pm: we start our night time routine to get everyone to bed. 3 kids get in the bath, Tom gets the twins out and dresses them, I get Ben out, dress him, nurse him, put him to bed. We brush teeth, read a story, then it's lights out for the little ones!

8:00pm: It looks like I never lifted a finger all day and a bomb went off in the house. Toys are everywhere, someone managed to open the blocks and dump them everyone, sippy cups and snack cups from bed time snack are scattered everywhere. I forget why I bother to pick up in the first place. Luckily, Tom takes this round of cleaning up and picks up all the toys, I'll usually finish cleaning the kitchen. Tom takes the dog for a walk and by 9:30 we're both in bed, reading and watching something stupid and ready to fall asleep!

Another day of craziness ;) But we all survived ;)

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