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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney Adventures Round 2

Well a lot has happened over the past few months but one thing that hasn't happened has been blog posting ;) so I'll try to catch up on some highlights, and maybe even get a post or 2 on the backburner so I'll be caught up soon ;)

While I'd love to be telling you about our pumpkin patch adventures, our first fall highlights happened way back in September when we decided to visit Disneyland...again ;) We got 3 day military appreciation tickets back in August when we visited, so we had 2 days left to enjoy ;)

and enjoy we did! Since we hit up a lot of our favorites in August, when we went 2 more times in September we felt a lot less pressure to do the big rides, and just enjoyed the park and did some exploring. Our goal was to try a few new rides each time we went!

First up, was obviously Carsland.

Our first time to Disney California Adventure was actually in August because we had never gotten park hopper passes before. The kids were also too little to enjoy the more "big kid" things at California Adventure so we stuck with the kiddie stuff at Disneyland. We swung by Carsland in August but the lines were too long and it was super crowded so this time, we hit up Carsland first. We practically walked on to the tractor ride...twice.

 And now that the twins actually know the movie (and by know, I mean LOVE and watch almost every day), they had a great time seeing the place. They saw Lightening McQueen and Mater and had a blast! ;)

 Next we hit up the Bugs Life area and tried a few of those rides.

Jack, being a proud 36" tall, was able to ride the bumper car ride! Amelia, being 35 1/2", was not, so she had to hang out with daddy and watch. Sad face.
But daddy took her on the lady bug ride to make up for it.

 Next, was probably too much excitement for the kids and we went and saw the Disney Junior show for the first time! Again, other than in August, this was our first trip where they were old enough to know the characters. Amelia sang along, as usual, and Jackson loved when things flew from the ceiling (bubbles, gold coins, streamers). So they had a blast. Ben just happily napped and ate most of the morning.
California Adventure was fun, we still had lots to do there that was new to us, but we had some priorities over at Disneyland too...mainly....

Halloween Haunted Mansion! My favorite! We've seen it every year since we moved here! The twins were a little scared but they handled it well! We also got the ride the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy for the first time ever. Tom and I fastpassed it and took turns entertaining the twins while the other rode it. Not as much fun as riding it with someone but I'm glad I got to see it.

Our last highlight of our 2nd day at Disneyland was the train ride. again. Shocked? Anyone?

What made this time special was that the conductor let Jackson say "All Aboard!" into the microphone...or try atleast ;) He was saying his favorite train words..."choo choo!", "All Aboard!", "train ride" the whole time we were on the train so the conductor was like ok, next stop, you're saying all aboard! We practiced, he was excited, he put the microphone to his mouth and the kid FROZE! haha he mumbled a few things but never said all aboard until the microphone wasn't in front of him anymore...then he yelled it over and over. Of course! haha but he tried and he loved it and it was nice of the conductor to let him to do it.

We caught the parade before we left, since there's a princess float, and I know a little girl who LOVES princesses and then we headed home. Disneyland day 2, you were fun ;)

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