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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Disney Round 3!

Ok, this is my third and final Disney post...for now. Although I hope not our last Disneyland post while we're in California ;)

We went about a week after we had used our 2nd day, so we were super excited to be back so soon! I think I could spend a good week at Disneyland hitting up all the shows and rides and checking everything out, there's so much to see and do! Disney World is even bigger so I'd probably need a solid month there ;)

Anyway, we were still on our mission to try a few new things and didn't feel a lot of pressure to do the most popular rides (Peter Pan, Small World, etc), although we did ride the tea cups and small world again,
 and the twins rode Dumbo for the first time! Since we got there as soon as it opened, we practically walked on all of those rides.
Next up, Amelia wanted to go see Minnie again so we went to Toon Town when it opened to visit a few characters.

You haven't seen cute until you see little Amelia give kisses and hugs to her favorite Disney characters.

More characters to come...but next up....seeing a Tangled show at the Fantasy Faire. Amelia was obsessed...and has worn her "punzle" dress every day since I think ;) We ran into our friends there and watched the show with them so that was fun too!

There were more trains....a circus train in Fantasyland, but it broke down! So we only made it about 10 feet before we had to get off. Jack was still happy about it thought.

and there was lots of exploring the place for the twins...

I love seeing them check it all out! They just think the whole place is so magical!

We heard a rumor there were fall themed characters over at the Jamboree so we headed over there. Jackson fell asleep on the walk over, but Amelia saw Donald and HAD to go see him! The characters were playing fall games with the kids at the little carnival they had set up and Amelia got to throw the rope on a witches hat with Donald!

He walked around with her and signed her little postcard thing and she just loved it. She felt like such a princess :) All the adorableness has to happen when Jackson is asleep!

We squeezed in 1 more train ride, a trip to Tom Sawyer Island (which was a first for us!), and some other fall treats for the afternoon...including a pumpkin beignet ;)

And then we decided to watch the parade, yet again, because there are princesses, duh.

While we were watching, a nice man came up to us and said he noticed we had a big family (my kids do seem to draw attention.). He had gotten food vouchers for their trip from a booking mistake Disney had made, but they couldn't use them all up before they had to leave that evening so he gave us over $100 in food vouchers! Nicest gesture ever! We were in such shock! I felt bad even taking them! but he said he had gotten them for free and didn't want them to go to waste so he'd rather we used them. We happily feasted on dinner at Flo's Café in Carsland thanks to the nicest gesture ever.

We also said hi to Mater while we were there...

We did the last of our new rides over in California Adventure and checked out the Little Mermaid ride and the ferris wheel I'd always wanted to go on!
Yea, I'm still scared of heights. And we weren't even on a swinging one! I would have died! haha but it was nice to see the park as the sun set and with all the lights!
After that, we headed home, with even more great Disney memories :) I just love this place! My next goal is to convince Tom we need to go to see the Christmas decorations again ;) We'll see if I win that battle ;)

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