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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's been awhile since I did a list of our long.

Things have changed since then. A lot. Except Amazon Prime and Happy Herbivore. Still love!

So our favs for right now...

Similar to Amazon Prime, I love Amazon Mom.

We get diapers on subscribe and save every few months (since we mainly cloth, we don't need them very often), but I also have gotten into subscribing for wipes, food, soap, and other random items and it's saved us a lot of money and kept me from having to run to the store ;) You take 3 kids in and out of a store and you let me know how much you love amazon mom then ;)


Another lifesaver these days! I've gotten really good at planning ahead! We shop once a week except a random trip or so if needed for an item for a potluck I forgot about or a little girl begging for cookies. The meals are creative, easy, and we've only had a few bad dinners. They have a lot of great different menu options, we've tried a few, and so far the gluten free menu has been our favorite ;)

Chia Seeds

My little tiny kids need all the protein they can get. Ha. No but seriously, almond milk and chia seed "pudding" and sprinkle of chia seeds in their yogurt have been favorite snacks. I don't even think they know that they're eating chia seeds, but they don't seem to hate them. I put them in my oatmeal and it keeps me full all morning long, which is great because I don't have time to snack usually...or get lunch until nap time.

Little Green Pouch

Great for all ages! No seriously, all 3 kids love these things. I fill them with yogurt, applesauce, all kinds of snacks and the kids gobble them up without a mess! They're great for on the go! They're easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and very durable! We've had ours for a  few months and have no issues with them at all. You can also prep food and freeze them for later! Super handy. I'll take 10 more please ;)

Favorite toys:
Little People Disney Princess Castle
We've had this castle since last Christmas. It is still an ABSOLUTE favorite. There are no words to describe my daughters love for this castle. She drags it all over the house with her EVERY, SINGLE, DAY! If you have a princess loving daughter, you MUST get her this for Christmas ;)

Strider Balance Bike
Jackson loves to ride his bike! This was a present for their 2nd birthday. We ride pretty much every day in our cul de sac with the neighbors. Amelia usually prefers to play with her castle, but she does like bike rides a lot too. Jackson begs me every time we go near the garage to go ride his bike. I'm glad they're learning to ride already! :)

Blue Ribbon Dresses

Seriously, how cute are these? A college friend of mine started making these to raise money to fight colon cancer in memory of her mom. I think they're adorable! Amelia has a Cinderella dress and LOVES it ;) They're adorable and the money goes towards a good cause. Winner winner, that reminds me, I have to get the chicken in the crock pot for dinner ;)

Until next time friends!

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