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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Confessions of a Homemaker

1. I have a strong desire to be an extreme couponer. My biggest beef with coupons though is that they're all for processed foods that we usually don't buy. Can't I get a coupon for bananas? We eat a lot of bananas.

2. On that same note, I've been stalking Amazon lightening deals for the past few days like a crazy woman. I'm not going to even tell you how cheap I got a Leappad2 for the little things for Christmas because you might be jealous.

3. I never seem to have fewer than 20 projects going on at once. Example: yes, that is what my dining room table looks like right at this second. If you give me more than a 10 second warning you're coming over though, you'd probably have no idea.

4. I also am a little obsessed with fonts lately. I just need to come up with some projects and mad graphic design skills so I can use all of the fonts I've been finding lately. Have you seen these from Lil' Mrs. Tori?

5. I really enjoy cooking and lately I've found a huge love of meal planning. I usually clip coupons, figure out what we're eating that week, and then do a long (and much dreaded shopping trip). I'd get groceries delivered but it takes longer for me to pick out the groceries online than it does to just go to the the commissary is cheaper than any grocery store in SoCal. Shocker, I know. If you want to know how we meal plan, here's a link to get 15% off.

6. The best part about having 3 kids is that they're all playing, together, mostly getting along, while I type this. I can only say mostly because Jack is currently screaming that I won't let him slam the door on the baby's head. I am so mean, aren't I?

7. I have been sipping on the same cup of coffee for 4 hours now. In that time, I've been wrangling 3 sick kids, making them french toast (using this bread), cleaning up breakfast, changing diapers,giving 3 kids breathing treatments, doing a load of laundry, attempting to write a blog post, and reheating my cup 4 times. Is there a limit to how many times you can reheat a cup of coffee? Or how long its good for? Hmm...

Your turn! Give me your best confessions!

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