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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pin The Halls

I'm happy to say, that before Thanksgiving even gets here, we are DONE shopping for the kids Christmas presents ;) shhh don't tell them where we hid them all!

With the holidays here, and my shopping out of the way, I'm excited to kick off some new projects, some fun things for the grandparents, some yummy goodies for friends and families and I want to share it all with you!

So I'm connecting the world, or atleast attempting to, with a new Pinterest board, Pin The Halls!

If you're cooking, crafting, or just found something you love, I'd love for you to share the link with me and I'll add it to my pin board! Check back frequently to see what kind of fun things I've added! If you're looking for some inspiration, follow my pinterest board, and my other boards, to see what I'm loving these days ;)

Pin It
Once a week, I'll try to throw a round up of some of my favorites on here ;) So stay posted. Since no days of the week start with P, I can't do it Throwback Thursday style, but I'll try to get my favorite pins up every Thursday until Chrsitmas ;)
p.s. how cool was my Christmas project from 2011? The correct response is not cool at all, but bless your heart for trying ;)

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  1. We loved this one!
    We baked the pony beads for about 20 minutes (or until flat) at 400. It does smell a bit if you open during baking, so use the oven light to check them instead of opening the door and turn on a fan. You can make smaller shaped ones using metal cookie cutters, too!