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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This time of year, people take time to be thankful for everything they have and I am no different.

I have plenty, maybe too much, to be thankful for. And while I am particularly mindful to be thankful around the holidays, it's been a project of mine to be thankful, not even just every day, but every moment of every day.

I recently finished the One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp bible study with some of my friends. It was an eye opening experience to me. Am I really thankful? Do I spend meaningful moments of my day truly being grateful? Or do I rush a quick, oh thank goodness! and move on like it meant nothing. How can I live in the moment and be thankful for that moment?

I've also found it is easy to be thankful for the big things. I'm thankful for my husband, my children, our home. How can you not be thankful for this little face?

But to be thankful for the little things...his chipped teeth, the bump on his head, the stains on the cubby he pulled out behind him....those are a bit more challenging. Maybe even hard to find. You have to look a little closer, dig a little deeper, to really find thankfulness for those things.

I could write a list a mile long of all the obvious things I'm thankful for, but these moments, with my kids laughing or crying, my husband stuck at work, the Thanksgiving prep and chores I have left to do, these are moments I will cherish. They seem like little nothings, little flickers in the big world, but they're everything to me.

So today, every moment, every day, I am making a conscious effort to live a life of thanksgiving.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I will have a post tomorrow with some fun Pin the Halls things I've found lately! Maybe some cute projects for the long weekend? So if you're scouring the internet to plan for your Black Friday shopping, stop by this little blog of mine :) 

and always remember to be thankful<3

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