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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trick or Treating 2013

The week leading up to Halloween this year is almost a blur, it was so busy! We had so many fun events planned, looking back on pictures, I'm not even sure how we squeezed it all in! It gave the twins a lot of practice trick or treating and they LOVED wearing their costumes so it was fun to let them enjoy it!

First party of the week was at the YMCA. We've loved having a Y membership and the classes the kids get to participate in have been so much fun. They had a special Halloween party for kids under 5 and of course we had to go. They had coloring, games, balloon animals, a bounce house, a play area, and lots and lots of fun things for the kids to do.

 Ben was a little young but he had fun climbing around ;)

 We went trick or treating around the entire YMCA. Each workout area, office area, and the senior area in the back all had lots of stations for the kids to get candy from.
 I made Tom take all the candy to work so I wouldn't eat it all but it was a fun first Halloween event ;)

Next up, our multiples club twin party! This is our 3rd year going and the first year the twins have been big enough to really enjoy. They ate pizza, played in the playground and the leaves, and had a great time with all of their twin friends.

 Ben felt left out being a singleton ;)
 and oh wait, there's more! The fall festival was on base the same day as the multiples party. We had to attend, because, obviously, how could we miss yet ANOTHER halloween event! They had bounce houses, food, all of our neighbors and friends were there and...oh yea...train rides. Guess what we did all day?
 And finally, it was actually Halloween! Whoa, it felt like we'd never get there and be wearing our costumes for months ;) We had a great time just hanging out in our neighborhood for Halloween. My friend took pictures of the kids that turned out super cute!

 We had a neighborhood potluck pre-trick or treating to fill the kids up with real food so they wouldn't pig out on candy!
and then we tricked and treated the night away! The twins did great! Ben and daddy stayed home to hand out candy. Jackson didn't want to stop when the night was over!

and then this happened...

 hilarous ;)

So we had a busy but super fun Halloween! It was great that the twins really understood what was going on, loved their costumes and all of their friends costumes, and we all just really enjoyed ourselves! We'll see what kind of excitement happens next year ;)

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