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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Post Holiday Funk

I've been in a bit of a funk since we came back from our vacation. I'm sure a lot of people feel like this after the holidays.

We had so much fun celebrating at home, to get back home to our usual schedule seems so blah. I also had help with the kids for a few weeks and now to be doing it all again all by myself is extremely blah. And I'm trying to potty train....again. There are no words to describe how blah I feel about that.

But for something happy to maybe bring you out of the post holiday blah, I'll share with you what we did on our last day of our "vacation".

We're a little Disneyland obsessed ;) We decided rather than more toys for Ben's birthday (seriously, we have TOO many toys) we'd do something the whole family would enjoy. So of course, my first choice was going to Disney. Again. I wanted to see the Christmas decorations, it is our last free weekend before Ben turns 1, so we took advantage and went to Disneyland almost as soon as we got back from Pennsylvania.

Carsland was definitely the birthday boy's favorite activity of they day.

He just loved meeting Lightening McQueen!

Amelia also got to meet her idol and was completely star struck! She is both terrified and ecstatic.

Exploring Tom Sawyer's Island was also a big hit, especially now that Benny boy can walk.

We caught the parades at Disneyland and California Adventure, had a hard time telling the twins they had to get off of the Ariel ride, and enjoyed the beautiful weather that we hadn't seen in awhile (no offense Pennsylvania but it was cold there!)

 Another great Disney day! I can't wait to go again (oh yes, we have more tickets, so we'll be going back soon!)

and now...I'm going to go make myself a new cup of coffee as I took a big sip of my current cup to see it had a baby wipe that was probably used on a diaper at some point...yes, that just happened. And a happy "Welcome back to the real world" to you too!

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