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Friday, February 28, 2014

Blue Ribbon Dress Winner

Thank you everyone for your kind donations to our March for Babies team!

We had another successful fundraiser and our team raised another $80! After 2 successful fundraiser we're on our way to our goal!

Now...for the big announcement....

The winner of the every day princess dress from Blue Ribbon Dresses is...

Chantal K!

Thank you to the K family for your donations and for everyone who donated to our team!

Didn't win and still want an every day princess dress? Check out all of Casey's adorable princess dresses and you can buy your own on her Etsy page! Remember, every dress she makes helps find a cure for colon cancer so you can help another great cause!

Stay tuned for more fundraisers coming up! and thank you so much Blue Ribbon Dresses for helping our team!

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