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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

15 Month Update

Well, it's hard to believe, but this big guy turned 15 months old last week! (ok, almost  weeks ago at this point...woops)

He is quite the little spitfire, but also a big sweetheart. He is sometimes way too much of a big kid for his own good, and other times, the sweet little baby that I think he should be. As he learns and grows, he's definitely been a bit more of a challenge than the twins in some ways.

Here's what's up with this 15 month old:

Weight: 24lbs

Height: 31 1/2 inches

Favorite activities: throwing food, throwing balls, biting people, hitting/kicking ANYTHING, making a mess out of EVERYTHING.

Least favorite activities: sleeping...can someone make this kid sleep? I'm starting to think he's just good with less than an hour nap and 8ish hours at night. I have been trying to force him on the twins schedule with very little success.
Lucky for him, he's cute when he crashes.

New tricks: Walking backwards quickly, legit jogging (not just a fast shuffle), trying to jump and has gotten both feet off the ground a time or 2, climbing up the ladders at the park, finally saying a few words!

Words: ball, bubbles, mama, dada, yack (for snack...because he eats...alot), more, ready-set-go, thank you (sounds more like tattoo)

Eats: more than the twins...combined. No seriously, he eats EVERYTHING. Still nurses 2x a day and I'm trying to get him down to just before bed before we move. No plans to 100% wean him anytime soon, honestly I'd be fine with once a day for another year as long as he learns to stop putting his hands down my shirt every time I hold him. Or bite me when I turn him down. As you can tell, we have some behavior issues.

Biggest challenges: His aggressive behavior is far worse than anything I had to deal with when the twins were this age, or at all actually. I think because they're bigger he doesn't understand when they might be "helping him" they're not pushing him. He often shoves them right back, maybe to show them he doesn't like to be pushed around, but hopefully as his language gets better he'll start understanding a bit better. Even Ben's "hugs" are pretty aggressive. He is always throwing things and slapping them away if it's not what he wants. If you don't hold him when he wants held, he throws some nasty tantrums and will throw things around, kick/bite/hit anyone who comes near him, and overall, just act terribly. He also bites a lot, usually it's just me, but now that he's playing with kids more I"m hoping he doesn't sink his teeth into another kid! I'm not 100% sure how to handle it, and I'm hoping it's just a phase, but we'll see as the days go on. He still hasn't really hurt anyone and isn't rubbing off on the twins so we'll see what we can do to get him to understand
he can't be acting all crazy when he doesn't get what he wants. The hard life of being the 3rd child I guess.

Overall, he's quite a happy, fun kid. He loves to eat and is happiest after he's well fed (who can blame him?). He loves playing in the backyard and climbing on our 2 playhouse things with the twins. He LOVES slides and playing at the parks. He is doing a great job at reaching his goal of being "caught up" to the twins. He loves to play cars with Jack and, sometimes, is mild mannered enough to earn an invitation to a tea party with Amelia. He is pointing out colors and shapes and loves to watch the alphabet shows. I'm pretty sure he'll know letters/numbers/colors as well as the twins in a few weeks. Definitely one of the biggest benefits to having them all so close in age is how much more he's exposed to more "advanced" things. I remember doing some colors and numbers with the twins when they were little but it's a lot more fun to do with them now that they really interact with me. Ben is usually around so he gets to play too and has gotten into the learning games a lot. Down side: he watches a lot more TV than the twins did at this age, but the twins are allowed to watch certain shows and love a good pizza and movie night so I can't lock Ben in the other room to avoid screen time with him.

We'll see what next month has in store for this wild and crazy little boy ;)

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