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Saturday, April 26, 2014

March for Babies 2014

I can't believe this weekend was our 3rd March for Babies! And our last Los Angeles march which is super sad :(

Here is the post from our FIRST March for Babies.

I apparently didn't write a post about our 2013 March but we did it in Altoona, PA with my family while Tom was on TDY for the Spring.

awww look at little Benny!

This year, we were back in LA and excited to be part of a big walk again!

 The twins loved all the music and running around before the walk started. Please note that Amelia is wearing the same skirt she wore on her first March for Babies, ya know, when she was 10 months old. It still fits. #preemieproblems

Our friends are the LA/Ventura Ambassador Family and gave a great speech telling their story! Their first daughter was due the same week as the twins and born just a few weeks after them in June (and way too early) and their second daughter was due the week after Benjamin and was born about a month before Ben (again, way too soon). So it's fun that we have kids the same ages!

and Hilary Duff was there! Fun!

Numbers of years I've lived in Los Angeles: 3 
Celebrity sitings: 1, at a big event in a huge crowd. Major LA fail ;)

 Another one of our military friends who has known the twins since they were itty bitty were finally able to join us this year! They're moving this summer too so I'm glad they got to join us for our last year here!

After the walk, they had bubbles and bouncey houses so the twins were pretty pumped about it ;) and to make things even better, they convinced us that we should go see a "rocket ship" again.
They love that space shuttle!

They also love the climate areas and the kelp forest at the science center. We had a fun day wandering around the museum after the March.

I'm so glad we got to be here for 1 last March for Babies! We've been involved with the Family Teams for 3 years now and made a lot of friends so I'll be sad to not be here to walk with them anymore. They were our first "preemie friends" from when the twins were super little so LA March for Babies will always have a special place in my heart. We still plan on being involved with the March of Dimes when we move so hopefully we meet another great group of people!

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our team this year! 

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