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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Disney Magic

So to catch things up since it's been awhile, let's start with the fun!

We went to Disneyland...again. And had a great time...again.

First things first, if you are going to Disneyland and want to do a character breakfast, I highly recommend it!

We are checking things off of our list of must-do's at Disneyland and a character breakfast was one! We decided to make a reservation at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland, although there are a few other options if you were looking into a character meal. We chose the Plaza Inn because
1. it's right in the park so we don't have to walk all the way to Goofy's Kitchen for example in Downtown Disney when we planned on spending the day at the parks and
2. It has the promise of Minnie Mouse and it's the only breakfast that promises Minnie.

If you have children under 3, or several in our case, a sit down meal seems a bit daunting at Disney. The meals are expensive so we hate to spend money on something they're not going to eat or enjoy. The character breakfast at the Plaza Inn is a whole different story. The meal was all buffet so we could go up and get food as soon as we were seated. It was also all you could eat, so we could get grab different things for the kids to try to keep them happy for longer. They had characters wandering around during the meal so it kept them entertained for quite awhile.

We ate and enjoyed having the characters come visit us, instead of waiting in multiple lines.

 and the characters were so good, if the kids were scared, they made funny poses to still snap some good pictures.

Amelia was A LOT more excited about Minnie Mouse than she looks in this picture. She would not stop talking about Minnie the whole morning!

Extra bonus, kids under 3 eat free! Whoa! So for 2 adult meals, it was a buffet and probably our cheapest meal of the day. Good job Disney! You win again.

We spent the rest of the day doing all of the favorites.

We met a few other popular friends...

Amelia is the only one who will cooperate for a picture with characters. The boys are much less interested.

I finally got to ride California Screamin, since the line wasn't long. Lots of fun! and we even made it all night to stay for the World of Color show.

The kids took a power nap pre-show and woke up and really liked all the fountains and lights. But they were beat (and so were we) so we were happy to duck out a few minutes before the show ended and head home.

Overall, it was another great day of magic! We have 1 last day of our ticket to use before we move and a few more big things on our to-do list (including Radiator Spring Racers, which we have yet to do in all of our Disneyland trips!) and then we'll say bye to Disneyland for quite awhile. Disney is probably the thing I will miss most when we move from California. It has been so great experiencing all of the magic Disneyland has to offer. We've made some incredible memories there and it will always be a very special place for our family.

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