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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


To go in order with what's been happening in our lives, I guess it's about time I throw this out there in the blogisphere....but first, a story.

Once upon a time, this college girl decided to take a road trip to Ohio to visit some friends. 1 was there visiting for work, and another was living in Cincinnati at the time. While planning her trip, another friend said he'd be there too and this girl said she'd definitely give him a call when she got there so they could meet up. Well, the girl traveled to Ohio, hung out with friend #1 and Cincy friend and never called, not even once, friend #2. He was sad by this but eventually got over it. Then they got married and lived happily ever after.

To summarize, I totally blew Tom off for another guy. True story. Now, 7 years later, we're going to be calling the place where we were supposed to meet up and hang out HOME.

(sidetrack for people who didn't know, Tom and I actually met a few years earlier in Virginia and stayed in touch with each other. We were both dating other people and were friends for the first few years we knew each other. Then I went to Pennsylvania, he graduated and moved to Florida, I blew him off when he was in Ohio for work, we reconnected the next Spring and at some point thought we'd get married...because why not, right? Ok, it might have been a bit more romantic, but that's the basic idea)

The Air Force gave us the word a few months ago and we are now a little over a month out from MOVING! Across the country! Gosh, didn't we just do that? ;)

by the end of May, we'll be hitting the road from Los Angeles and heading to our new home in Ohio! We're super excited! It's closer to all of our family and friends in Pennsylvania and it's at the base with Tom's best man. He's excited to have someone for man dates again ;)

Tom is also excited to be calling Ohio home again. Ugh. Just Kidding! Sort of. Did you know he's from Cleveland? Don't hold it against him, I try not to.

Woooo! Glad I got that off my chest! Don't be surprised if future posts entail me griping and moaning about coordinating a cross country move with 3 small children. That's Air Force life ;)

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