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Friday, May 2, 2014

See you later Disneyland!

In the military, as you move from one place to another, you always say "See you Later!" instead of goodbye. It's a small Air Force. Heck, we could be back in SoCal in 4 years. Or we might have friends joining us in Ohio in a few months. We're going to be living just a few minutes from our good friends that were stationed in Florida with us. So chances are, we'll see you later. We'll have to say many "see you laters" over the next few weeks. Strangely, I'm not sure any will be as sad as our "See you later" to Disneyland we made this past week.

Our first trip to Disneyland was when the twins were only 3 months old, with oxygen tank, pulsox and a breast pump in tow (not even kidding). Since then, we've gone many, many times. We've been there for Christmas, Halloween, and Mardi Gras.
 We were there to celebrate the most pregnant I'd ever been (27 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Ben). And yes, 1 preggo, 1 adult, and 2 toddlers can fit on the Peter Pan ride all in the same ship, just FYI.

We've gone with family and friends and made so many memories along the way. It's going to be really sad to not be able to just go to Disneyland whenever we feel like it. It's been a very special and magical place for us these past 3 years and memories I will take with us no matter where the Air Force sends us.
We spent the day doing all of our favorites, including the train ride around the park...minus the grand canyon part. I hate that part of the train ride. Peter Pan and the Tea Cups were a must.
and Tom and I had to check Radiator Spring Racers off of our list of rides we haven't ridden yet.

I was super bummed the twins are still a few inches too short. They would have LOVED the ride.

Amelia requested the Ariel ride which was closed (oh no!) so we settled on spending some time with Minnie Mouse and time at the castle (boy she loves that castle).

Some water play at Bug's Land, terrifying the kids at the Haunted Mansion and shooting some aliens on Buzz and we were all pretty spent for the day.

While we waited for the parade, we took the kids shopping and let them each get one toy. We don't normally get souvenirs but since this was our last trip, we wanted them to bring home something special. Amelia scored an Elsa doll that had just been stocked that day (and probably sold out that day as well), Jackson got a train and Ben got some Cars water toys.

I may have shed a tear watching the parade, seeing the kids all light up and smile and wave at their favorite characters.

Oh Disney, your magic never ceases to amaze me. Overall, despite Ariel being close, we had another wonderful day at Disney. The kids loved every second of it and that's really all that matters. Seeing them happy is the best thing in the world.
If I'm crying as we drive away from California, 90% of the reason might be because of how much I'll miss Disneyland. We're hoping to plan a Disney World trip in a year or so, so I know it's not the end of Disney, but it's our last trip while we're stationed here in LA.
For now, see you later Disneyland. I will miss you. You really are the most magical place on earth.

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