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Monday, May 5, 2014

What's in My Diaper Bag {Vlog}

oh that's right, I did a vlog. My first ever. It's quite awkward. And took a long time for me to make since I kept laughing. But either way, despite some editing of the beginning where I couldn't get a straight face yet, and some bad lighting (I'll do better next time...if I can handle a next time) here it is!

Now that my kids are all over 1, things are a bit different but I still need to carry around a pretty big and full diaper bag. Instead of the usual burp clothes, bottles, and pacifiers, here's what I keep in my diaper bag for life with toddlers...

 Like what I have in my bag? Here are some links to find the items yourself:
Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack
Sesame Street Travel Potty Seat
Burt's Bee Baby Bee Face and Hand Cloths
Fuzzibunz Wet Bag
Burt's Bee Baby Bee Calming Lotion
Clean Well Hand Sanitizing Wipes
MediBuddy First Aid Kit
Toddler Headphones
Snack Cups
Thirty One About Town Blanket
Kalencom Potette Plus and liners

So what's in your diaper bag?

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