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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Little Lions

We have moved to Ohio.

My husband grew up in Cleveland.

To say he's excited about being back in Ohio is an understatement.

Me? Eh. I'm glad we're in driving distance to family. Have you flown with 3 kids? Not so fun. I'm glad to be closer to the East Coast where I belong, but there are a few issues I have with Ohio.

Ok, 1.

Tom is an Ohio State fan. I went to Penn State. This is a BIG problem. so when I was contacted by Fanatics about writing a post about how I'm creating the next generation of Future Fanatics, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share why I think the kids will be Nittany Lion fans all the way ;)

Now, I have to throw in there, for the team mommy side, Tom did not GO to Ohio State. He is just a fan. I actually WENT to Penn State. Heck, I've been going to Penn State football games for almost 30 years now! Also, ask Tom how many Ohio State games he's been to (the answer is 0) and then ask him how many Penn State games he's been to (2). I have clearly made a much stronger case from day 1 of our relationship that Penn State is the school the kids should cheer for.

Being the good brain washing mommy that I am, I have decided to start them young.

Their first Lion Shrine picture in December 2013. I don't see any pictures of these kids at Ohio State. Just saying.

We obviously had to take time to visit our friends in State College while we've been visiting home and as one last push to make these kids my little Penn State Nittany Lion fans before they go to Ohio, I had to get them tshirts and take a few pictures for memories.

Tom insists that now that we're near Ohio State we'll be able to go there all the time, but he doesn't have the connections I have at Penn State (friends, professors, a dad with season tickets, knowing the campus well...because, ya know, I actually went to school there), so I have faith I've won this battle.

Plus, Amelia is obsessed with the Lion and roaring like a lion. She made some alumni there for their 50 year reunion very proud ;) I was pretty proud of her too. And then we gave her creamery ice cream. She's a Penn State fan for life, I guarantee it ;)

Let's just say, Tom is going to have to put up a really good fight to win this one ;) These kids are my future Little Lions and Future Fanatics!

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