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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Big Move-Packing Week

We are in Ohio! We've actually been here for a week, but with the chaos of unpacking, organizing, cleaning, painting, figuring out life...well...a lot has been happening this week.

So when I left off on our road trip adventures, we had a game plan and everything was set in place for us to move!

So how did the actual move go?

Honestly, not too shabby, I must say. There were moments I wanted to rip all my hair out, but other than that, we survived and we're here, so I'll call it a big W.

The hardest week of our trip was by far the week before we moved while we were out of our house, but still in California. The hotel we were staying in was nearby our house but other than that, I have nothing good to say about it. The neighborhood was bad so we couldn't take the kids anywhere to run around. The room was the smallest room we had our whole trip, we had A LOT of work to do, and with the kids adjusting to changes and realizing something was going on, they didn't nap or go to sleep well at all.
 We shuffled back and forth between our house to supervise movers and to clean and the hotel where the kids had toys and beds. It was a long week, a busy week, and a week I would not like to do ever again.  We checked out of our house 2 days before we hit the road and spent the next few days saying bye to friends and checking off a few last California must-do activities before hitting the road.

The hubby had a few things to do to out-process from base and we stayed busy with friends and playing.

and before we knew it, the day had come for us to hit the road! In some ways, that week went quick, but if we had some of the other hotel rooms we stayed in along the trip for that whole week, I'm sure it would have been a much more pleasant experience then it was.

Either way, our stuff was packed up and on it's way to Ohio, we were checked out of our house and the base, we did one last packing up of the van and loading up on snacks and things and we hit the road!

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