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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh These Kids

A not so fun wake up call for Amelia...

Jackson: "I be right back, mom. I go wake up Mia."
runs up the stairs to Amelia's room.
Jackson: "WAKE UP MIA!!"
Mia: screams loudly
Jackson: "mommy, Mia's crying. Why's Mia crying? MIA WAKE UP!"
Mia: more screaming
Jackson, back downstairs with me: "Mia's crying. She didn't wake up"

Bossy Bossy

Tom: "Nope"
Amelia: "How about YES"

Scaredy Cats

Jackson: "Mommy my room is scary!"
Me: "What's scary buddy?"
Jackson: "THAT!" points to his window
Me: "Ok I'll close the blinds, now go to sleep."
Jackson: "mommy my room is scary!"
Me: "What else is scary?"
Jackson: "THIS!" points to his ceiling fan
Me: "ok well I can't get rid of that."
He eventually goes to sleep...wakes up in the morning. Goes downstairs.
Jackson: "Mommy my room is scary!"
Me: "What's scary now?"
Jackson: "I show you..."
walks up to his room, crawls into bed...
Jackson: "mommy come sleep in Jackson's room, it's not scary."
Why on earth would I sleep in his room if it's so scary?? ;)

Shopping with Amelia
Amelia: "Mommy i need my backpack!"
Me: "Ok here's a purse"
Amelia: "mommy you put it on?"
Put it on her, walk into the store, immediately she goes to the doll section where there is an entire HUGE display of Frozen things.
Amelia" Mommy, I put it in my backpack! I put it ALL in my backpack!"
She might grow up to be a bad. We bought 1 book and she threw the money at the checkout lady and says...
"I NEED to buy this Queen Elsa book!"

Jackson pointing to me standing in front of the fridge: "I want!"
Me: "You want a kiss?"
Jackson:  "No"
Me: "You want a hug?"
Jackson: "No"
Me: "Then what do you want?"
Jackson: "I want play-doh" that's above my head on top of the fridge.

They think they're SOOO funny :-P

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