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Monday, September 15, 2014

An Apple A Day

Can we discuss how beautiful it is in Ohio right now? I hear its 100 degrees in California. Yea, I don't miss the hot falls there!

We have been soaking up the last of our summer sunshine but this beautiful fall weather has me buying pumpkin on a  daily hourly basis and my new favorite Ohio picking!

We went this past weekend and I'd love to show you pictures, but being the bozo that I am, I forgot the memory card in the camera and didn't take a single picture with my cell phone. Parenting fail. We're discussing a round 2 just for the sake of pictures....ok, ok, we might have to get just a few more apples.

So I'll just show you the aftermath..

A friend of mine apparently made 20quts of apple sauce. We didn't even make it to 5 although we didn't use all of the apple so we'd have enough left for fun things. Like pie.

and a bit of cider...
We have some homemade apple cider vinegar fermenting away on our counter to use up all the scraps from the apples.

Although, the back part of my counter is starting to get a little ridiculous with apple cider vinegar, an insane amount of bananas from a family 5k we participated in yesterday, and some citrus cleaner that I have brewing.

Obviously, I'm going to have to make some of THIS bread too!

 What are you doing this fall? Any apple suggestions for us? Ya know, in case I end up buying another 20lbs of apples....all because I wanted pictures of the kids picking apples.

And for everyone who just comes here for pictures of the cute is this kid playing his "drums"?
Happy Fall Ya'all!

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