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Monday, October 6, 2014

A Cloth Diaper Discussion

As you know, we almost 100% cloth diapered the twins. We had no issues with it and everything was fine.

Well, Ben we started in cloth diapers and noticed he was constantly getting diaper rash!

So we stripped the diapers, I put a pile aside just for his use, but still, if he wasn't changed IMMEDIATELY after the diaper was dirty, he would break out. He also had that mystery rash issue from 4 months until 7-8ish months old.

I love cloth diapering, and Ben is now on the urge of potty training, but we'd like to keep the diapers around in case another baby decides to come along.

So my question for you cloth friends, what should I do to the diapers to 1. store them and 2. make sure they're in good shape for any possible babies? I don't like using bleach on them, but is that the only option? I've used vinegar and dish soap usually, but I'm not sure that's cutting it. Any tips?

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