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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Here's a yearly anniversary post...

Insert sappy comments here about how much more I love my husband than the day we got married.

but it's been 5 years, 4 houses, 3 kids, 2 trips across the country, and 1 crazy dog and I'd still say we're happily married<3 Most days. Not the days the kids the kids bring their dirt collections into the house or decide to "change Ben's diaper". Those days you can find us on our hands and knees grouchily scrubbing the floors...again.

Celebrating our anniversary last year, Tom told me that he had been offered a spot at a new assignment in Ohio (which we kept quiet until we got official orders in the spring). It was the perfect anniversary gift! I'm so happy that we're here in Ohio to celebrate this anniversary. Although, last fall was full of trips to Disneyland, so I wouldn't mind a Disney trip right now ;) Instead, we're celebrating this anniversary with take-out after the kids go to bed. We're so romantic, I know. I also call not having to cook and clean up dinner the best gift ever (the kids are having leftovers).

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