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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Long Week For Only Tuesday

So I'm not usually one to complain on the blog, but man, I've had a rough week. Yes, I know I still have 3 days to go. Don't be a negative nancy.

Parenting 3 VERY active kids is hard work. Parenting 2 VERY active kids while 1 is down and out is just plain awful for all involved. No one is having fun at our house, I promise you. Ask the child screaming at my feet right now because I won't let him play with "swords" (butter knives, although he has made a good attempt at the sharp knives that are now on top of the fridge)

The other 2 want to run laps. The sick one just wants them to leave him alone. And apparently "Stop jumping on your brother! He doesn't feel well!" leads to tears and temper tantrums. Well, let's just start here...jumping on your brother is NEVER a good idea. Let's set the standard there.

I thought he was doing better yesterday afternoon. We had an audiologist appointment and I wanted to get it over with so we loaded up and went. I put all 3 in the stroller and kept the sick one in the stroller, even when I let the other 2 explore the waiting room for a few minutes. I figured this was safest. Well I run down the hall to stop the baby from pushing the elevator buttons only to hear "Ma'am...umm...excuse me, ma'am. Let me hold the baby for you, your other boy just threw up all over."

Well, I tried.

I failed.

I had a spare change of clothes, that's a win right? It was a size 18 month dinosaur sweater. Jackson wears 4 or 5t. Cut off shirts are in right? Only for teenager girls? Hmmm....

He passed his hearing screen and the appointment is done. Yay? No...ok. I understand.

Worst part, I can't even drink copious amounts of coffee. Ughh!

And he is doing much better today. Although the other 2 are still healthy. Here's hoping this bug doesn't make it's way SLOWLY through our house. Yuck!

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