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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bath Tub Boogie

I've had a lot of friends complaining about bath toys lately. Mostly, the squeezy ones with water that get water in them. Then the water sits there for days. Then week after week, more water, never seem to get them dry and clean, and then they get mildew grossness everywhere.

Parenting life. Full of mildew. Don't look at my showers right now, they're on my list to deep scrub and not just spray and quickly wipe down.

I need a maid to deep clean my bathroom weekly. Maybe when we're rich some day ;)

Toys we haven't had luck with: most munchkin toys, wind up fish toys (those things will leak water for days after baths if you tip them in certain directions), anything that squirts and shoots seems to get a brown ring around the squirt area (gross) and makes a big mess when we have a wild bathtime.

Anywho, point of this story, so I've been on a hunt for 2 some odd years now to find toys that aren't gross. Aka dry quickly, don't collect water, don't squirt and make a mess, etc.. And I've actually found a few keepers. So, last minute gift idea or there are some good sales lately and want to grab some fun bath toys, here's what I've found for you!

Green Toys Ferry Boat and Mini Cars (aff link)

Pros: Car+boat=your son loves you forever. Daughter too probably. My girl loves this toy. On sale now on amazon!
Cons: Has a few tiny crevices and things to clean BUT it dries easily and doesn't get water in the main part of the boat easily.

Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net,Orange (aff link)

We got this little thing from Citrus Lane awhile ago and it's been a hit. It says for 9+ months and really is great once your child is sitting comfortably in the tub until 3 and older. The twins still love to catch bugs in the tub.
Pro: can't beat the price, small, dries great. Not water stays anywhere, even the net dries up quickly. Bubbles make this toy extra fun!
Con: get nets for all children who will be in the bathtub. Don't say I didn't warn you when a fight ensues.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Splashin' Bucky Bath Toy (aff link)

Jake is super popular at our house and this toy, which I got for super cheap with a coupon at the Mattel store in LA, has been a big hit since we got it. Bucky sticks to the side of the tub and the twins use cups to pour water through Bucky's bell (it has some holes and the water goes through it) and the look out tower (same as the bell). The crocodile, Jake and extra boat haven't gotten as much play time as Bucky but they love having Bucky in the tub. It's a pretty simple toy, but seems to keep everyone happy so that's all that matters to me ;)

Pro: Nothing squirts water, at least not that we've found yet.
Cons: They don't like when Bucky gets TOO stuck to the side of the bathtub. They like being able to take Bucky for rides around the tub, as well as stick him on the side and pour water all over and watch where it goes.

Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons (aff link)
These are fun for rainy/snow days without getting the kids undressed. Minimal mess to the kids (although it will paint on them too if they try hard enough but the mess isn't terrible)
Pro: fun for 2+ I'd say. Ben still doesn't have a huge interest in these. Can be used even without a bath, just toss your kids in the tub with them and let them go to town.
Con: Doesn't come off too easily. Can take some elbow grease. We've had to "LEAVE MY PICTURE ON THE WALL MOMMY! I'M NOT DONE! DON'T TOUCH", and weeks later, we've still had some beautiful artwork. I don't mind the colors but if you have guests or lots of people using that tub, might be a pain to really clean every night. It'd doesn't just come off with a quick spray of water is what I'm trying to tell you ;)

Have any other great suggestions for me? We buy a new bath toy a few times a year to mix things up, especially when someone is having an "I hate bathtime" phase (these kids are TOO dirty to go long without a bath, especially in the summer) and I'm always looking for gift ideas so share your good finds!

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