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Monday, February 16, 2015


Lately in our lives, I'd love to post about all the fun things we've done. But between sick kids and the cold snowy weather, our lives have mostly consisted of a game of "drive mommy crazy in 10 seconds or less."  Ben is winning this game so far. He can destroy the entire play room in less than 3 seconds. It's a special talent. We're very proud.

We did have Valentine's Day parties at school! The twins were so excited to give Valentines for their friends. Although there were no real restrictions on food or candy for their class, I know some kids can't eat candy so we tried to do a toy/fun item and a little chocolate, because, ya know, it's Valentine's Day.
I got to go to Amelia's aprty and she was so excited to give her friends bubbles. I heard the bugs were a big hit in J's class too. They also spent the entire afternoon going through their bags of Valentines and fighting over candy. Obviously. It was worse than Halloween I think.

Our other fun treat has been enjoying Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. If you're in the Dayton area, I highly recommend! We have been to a lot of good children's museums and this one isn't the BEST but it's definitely worth the trip if your'e nearby and a good indoor activity. I have heard it can get crazy busy but we haven't gone when it's been too rough. The exhibits range in ages so there are obviously things they kids don't really care for and things they love but it's enough of an outing and activity to get some energy out in an educational way and keep my house in one piece...which has been a huge challenge lately. You have no idea.

The bird watching area is a nice quiet area so they are big fans. Even in the winter, there are tons of birds to see.

 and the "movies" are fun for the kids, although we have yet to make it through an entire film. Luckily, it's not very crowded so we can make a quiet exit when everyone starts to get rowdy.

The kids got money to use for tickets as  Christmas gift and we decided to just splurge and spend the money on a membership (with military discount, it's totally reasonable, plus reciprocity to other fun museums and zoos) and we've gone a few times already. I'm sure we will be using our membership a lot through the year!

We have a pretty quiet February but I am sure things will start to get more exciting once the weather warms up a bit and we can get back outside!

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