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Monday, February 2, 2015

Things I Want (But probably won't buy)

I have a window shopping addiction. It's bad. But I can't ACTUALLY window shop, because, ya know, I have 3.55 children. I'm just rounding that number, I have no idea what 23 weeks translates to in decimal form and I'm not really in the mood to whip out the calculator. Because I'm shopping. Stay on track people!

I also subscribe to several money saving blogs on Facebook, Blogger and other sources. These people get paid to window shop. Do you think they'd hire me? I'd gladly scout out deals all day long on my favorite websites. I usually try to wait for things to be on crazy good sale (like 60%+) but I don't end up buying 99.9% of the things I see online. Mostly because I don't really NEED them, and I have a hard time pressing the "Buy Now" button. I want to, but I just can't do it. Most big purchases, my husband pushes the button for me. I'm not even joking. Ask me how many times I have added bedding for the girl's room to my cart and haven't pressed buy. And that's something we actually need to buy in the nearish future.

But, shopping along, when I see stuff like this...

I get a little antsy to buy something. Do we need this? No. Would it be fun this summer to take Jack out on? Absolutely! It needs to be more discounted than 37%. 37% is for amateur shoppers.

THIS ONE is the one I really want.

But I can't quite convince Tom. Plus it's probably a good deal to buy a bike trailer second hand since people don't use them nearly as much as they intend to when they first buy them. Legit argument.

I've also been stalking liquid water colors and am disappointed to say, they seem to not go on sale very often.

I have a list of activities I'd like to try with the kids with these bad boys, but $35 seems too pricey for a few crafts that will probably entertain the wild ones for, ya know, 30 seconds. I may or may not check the price daily. Seriously, it's a problem!

Then you know how you buy one thing from a company and they send you email after email? I have a hard time hitting unsubscribe because I like seeing all the pretty things I won't this bedding..


I will probably hunt until the last minute for the perfect bedding at the perfect price (which is coming up quick, March at spring break is when we plan to put the room together and re-arrange it to make room for a new baby), but I like to lust over Land of Nod and the bedding that is a bit out of our budget unless it's on sale and we have a coupon :-P

Something else on our list for a big sale is a new grill!
Maybe it's dreaming of spring..or dreaming of our back patio project to be done so the kids and dog don't drag tons of dirt and mud into my house every day, but I've been googling grills a lot lately. Tom has his eye on an infrared grill but since I'm pretty sure since I will be the one using the grill 99% of the time (since he doesn't get home until dinner is usually about to go on the table) I will get the final say in the grill battle. Mwahaha! He also wants the largest grill possible. Is this a guy thing? We rarely cook for more than us and a few friends. This also has a bit of a time limit on it, we will probably buy a new grill before the twin's birthday so we can cook out for their party. But not a necessity, so that's why buying it has sat on the back burner for the past year. See what I did there?  Back burder? Ok, I'm done.

So what are you lusting over in your online window shopping lately? I'd love to see ;) I love window shopping after all. We can do it virtually together!

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