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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March for Babies Fundraiser Winner!

Last week went from quiet to crazy busy so I forgot to announce, the winner of the cupcakes from our March for Babies fundraiser is Stephanie K.! I will be in touch with you about your cupcakes! ;) Thank you so much to everyone who supported our team! We raised over $50 for our team through this fundraiser!

If you missed the chance, you can still donate, just follow this link here!

I would write something exciting but it is still cold and snowy here so we've been mostly staying in, watching movies, playing games doing yoga and bear crawls around the living room, wishing we could go outside. We did go sledding when it was a warm and sunny 25 degrees last week. It felt like the tropics and I couldn't get the kids to come inside! I mommy failed and didn't take any pictures! We were just enjoying the sunshine. Good thing, because now it's snowing like crazy. Again. I'm ready for some warm weather, parks and clear roads so we can leave the house! :)

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