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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pregnancy 3-Baby 4 Update!

I haven't written much about being pregnant with this little girl so I thought I would share a bit of how thing are going now!

First of all, let me say. People say everyone's pregnancy is different. I would like to say, every pregnancy for everyone is probably different. I don't think I could have had 3 more different pregnancies. Each has had their ups and downs but from cravings to symptoms, each has been very different.

The twins, I was sick, miserable, moody, and in a lot of pain from the quick growth. Hands down, my worst pregnancy! Sorry twinnos, but it's the truth. I was MISERABLE. 6 months of pure misery from day 1 until they were born. I spent a lot of time on the couch, sipping ginger ale, wondering how I would ever be able to get up for work. Then I would puke all over myself and HAVE to get up to get dressed and ready. Yea, that happened. Daily. Ugh. just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

Then came along Benjamin. A little sooner than we had anticipated but I was ready to have a panic attack thinking I was going to go through another miserable 6-9 months. He proved us all wrong and I had the world's best pregnancy I think. I had a few waves of nausea but never threw up. I had a few afternoons I was happy to nap with the twins, but never felt so exhausted that I NEEDED the nap. By the 2nd trimester, if I didn't have a belly, I wouldn't have even known I was pregnant. Symptoms=none. He gave me a bit of stress (from the twins history and from being inactive) and we had a few more nonstress tests towards the end then I would have liked but other than that, he was a breeze. He never slowed me down. I went to Disneyland at 27 weeks pregnant and wasn't phased at all by all the walking. I hardly gained any weight because I had no cravings and plenty of energy. Dream pregnancy people. Be jealous.

Now third time around, I was thinking I knew the ropes. I was hoping for a pregnancy like Ben's but from the start, it seemed a lot more like my pregnancy with the twins. It hasn't been quite as bad but I was nauseous for a solid 15 weeks. When that finally wore off there was about a month of sickness (please note I had no voice in the gender reveal video because I lost it...for 3 weeks). So finally everyone is healthy, all is going well, and this little girl decides to have the growth spurts of all growth spurt which totally knocked me on my butt. I was concerned something was wrong but no gestational diabetes, and no issues, she just gained 3lbs in 8 weeks, which for the 20-28 week point is A LOT to gain. My weekly emails said she should weigh 2 1/4lbs and the ultrasound says she is closer to 3 1/2lbs. It almost made me feel better to know she had grown so much, like it justified why I had felt like the life had been sucked out of me for the past few months. I have been tired, constantly hungry, cramping and lots of belly stretching and discomfort. I've been worried it might be preterm labor signs but luckily, it seems to just be the making of a big baby...which I've never experienced ;)

The worst part of this pregnancy has been the eating! Which I can tell by the 20+lbs I've gained. I started out thinner this pregnancy so expected to gain more than the 15lbs I had gained with Ben, but still...I'm on track for about 30lbs of weight gain which doesn't make me very happy, but it is what it is and I just can't seem to eat enough to keep up with this girl! If I don't eat enough I get nauseous and exhausted, and with 3 kids to keep up with, I just can't not eat and be sick. I am trying to eat small meals and snack but with crazy cravings, my food has been all over the place. Some weeks I eat so healthy and light and some weeks, I eat nothing but bread. Here have been some of my favorites lately...and darn you girl scouts for catching me when I'm at my weakest!

As you can see, not the best diet. But fresh veggies are pretty blah in my book right now. Fruit I have been able to tolerate but snack foods like chips and dips have been my best friends.

This was 2 weeks ago. I think I've popped out another inch since then. I kind of want to start a baby poll and take bets on how big this baby will be ;) I'm hoping she either calms down the growth spurt or I can hold a baby that big in until full term. I don't have a good track record for big babies. Only time will tell. I'm packing my hospital bag already though and hoping to have everything baby ready in 5 weeks for when I hit 35 weeks, just in case she does decide to come a little earlier. Fingers crossed to make it past 37 weeks!

So that's what's going on with ME lately. If you haven't heard from me, I'm probably eating. Or making more granola...and then eating it all in a day or 2. What have you been craving lately? Anything good I might like? ;)

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