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Thursday, April 9, 2015

An Easter Vacay

We spent spring break and Easter weekend on a mini vacay to the grandparents house. More of a vacay for me. Having a few extra hands to help with kiddos is always nice! Especially lately...because if you didn't know, I'm exceptionally pregnant these days.

We spent the week playing in the parks and visiting friends. We took a road trip to the NICU and I totally forgot to take pictures. Duh. But this was the first time we've visited that the kids actually talked to the doctors and nurses which was nice seeing them interact. We baked Easter cookies and obviously had to color some eggs.

It went much better cleaner then it has in the past so I have high hopes for our future in egg coloring.

Easter morning I wanted to take pictures of the kids baskets but a certain little girl found them before I had the chance. Note to self: Next year, take pictures the night before. We went very minimal on the candy and got the kids each 1 new toy. Amelia got a fun Easter hat and purse because, well, she's a girl, and it's fun.

They had some bubbles and small trinkets in their baskets too which were obviously overshadowed by their big gifts.

The gifts, in case you are looking for ideas.
Ferry Boat/Green Toys     Rocket/Green Toys       Princess Chest/Melissa and Doug

We managed to clean everyone up for church and brunch with the family.
The Easter baskets obviously had to be in the picture. They were big hits.

After brunch the kids looked for Easter eggs.
 Then we took a walk around my parents house and rode bikes for the rest of the afternoon since it was the warmest and prettiest day of our entire trip.

The kids all had a blast visiting and enjoying their Easter treats. We came home the day after Easter and we've been back to school and life this week. It's was nice to get away for a few days though before Baby 4 makes her grand appearance in a few weeks! Yikes! We are 1 month away today from FULL TERM! Eeeek! I'm excited to hit 37 weeks and breathe a long sigh of relief. But then I'll just be worried about the delivery. Until I have a nice healthy baby in my arms, I will probably be a little don't mind me if I seem a bit nutso if you see me around town anytime soon ;)

Hope everyone is having or had a great spring break and enjoyed their weekend, whether they celebrated Easter, Passover, or just a nice relaxing weekend :)

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