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Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden Station Earthfest 2015

With the weather being so pretty lately, we have been trying to get out as much as we can!

This is our first serious spring since who knows when so we are really enjoying all the green grass and budding trees and flowers galore! So pretty! Ohio in the spring time is so nice! Almost makes up for the winter...almost.

This weekend, I forced the hubby into a lot of manual labor (aka the twins club clothing sale clean-up duty...I mean...I'm just so pregnant, I couldn't possibly have done it myself...ha ha ha) and while he was busy working, I decided to take advantage of the pretty day and took the kiddos to Earthfest at Garden Station in downtown Dayton.

Earthfest was a grassroots, community volunteer-run festival.  I had read about this event a lot on facebook so I was excited to check it out and see what kinds of fun things were there! I was worried it would be too crazy with all 3 kids by myself, but with our big triple stroller, and free snacks from various vendors, the kids did really well and had a lot of fun! J actually cried when I told him we had to leave.

The highlights of the event:

Learning Tree Farm had some chickens.

We will definitely have to go check out the farm one of these days!

Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme also brought snacks...and a make your own trail mix station. Baby B doesn't miss a chance at food.
I was surprised how much they all LOVED the banana chips. I used to buy them for the twins but they stopped eating them. I guess they're back to being a favorite.

We also bought some tomato plants to see what kind of green thumb we have this summer. I'm thinking with a newborn, a few tomatoes might be the extent of our gardening this summer, but they had a lot of great organic gardening information!

I wanted to take more pictures of the event as a whole but couldn't manage the stroller and picture taking all at once. Multitasking 34 weeks pregnant=not my forte. It was definitely busy but not overly packed. I also wanted to get there in time for the Great Cloth Diaper Change but we couldn't get out the door in time. I was up at 6am to get to the twins club sale to shop so I was pretty slow the rest of the morning.

There was fun music, a few food trucks, and a ton of local shops and vendors there. I'm excited to go back next year, maybe bring a few extra hands with me so I can check out more of the "grown up" exhibits. But overall, great event, beautiful day, and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the Dayton area next spring!

What did you do this weekend? 

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