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Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Lately-Through Instagram

Life lately has been pretty busy but not too exciting.

Here are some highlights:

This boy has so much energy, he can be a nightmare...or the sweetest thing in the world. He still will take time to cuddle with his mommy.

I've been forcing the hubby into slave labor.

 While I lounge and drink sparkling french berry lemonade. Because it feels fancy. And I mean, I'm just too pregnant to be lifting those heavy pavers right?

And don't make any sudden movements! They're playing nicely, together, and don't care that I'm not sitting right there next to them. Win!

I've also been making labels for the piles of boys clothes I'm hoping to sell off this weekend at the big twins sale! And my living room has been covered in boys clothes for the past week. So glad it's all out of here now and ready to sell! Fingers crossed it all goes because I don't want to bring anything home!

So that's life. And figuring out how to kill off a massive anthill in our backyard. Ideas? ;)

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